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Articles about International Trade

Useful articles about import and export businesses

Date Author Title
January 2004 Steven P. Iverson
Iverson Language Associates, Inc
The Art of Translation
September 2002 Phil Combs
Trade Information Center
Starting An Export Company
August 2002 William Corley
Trade Logistics 101: An Introduction to Forwarding
July 2002 Jaylene M. Sarracino
Member of Maryland and District of Columbia Bar Association
Small Business Primer to Filing for Trademarks in a Foreign Country
June 2002 Thomas Cook
American River International
Controlling the Terms of Sale
May 2002 Margaret M. Gatti, Esq.
Gatti and Associates
The Don'ts of Importing
May 2002 Margaret M. Gatti, Esq.
Gatti and Associates
The Don'ts of Exporting
January 2002 SupplierInsight How to Make the Most of a Plant Tour
December 2001 SupplierInsight Sourcing in Mainland China
November 2001 Richard G. Weissman
Weissman Training & Development
Caution! International Suppliers Ahead!
October 2001 Hendrik Swaneveld and Martin Przysuski or
Transfer Pricing Strategy is Best Investment for US Companies Expanding into Canada
July 2001 Courtney Fingar
Global Business Magazine
ABCs of EMCs
May 2001 Jacques Chevron
Export Etiquette
April 2001 Sabrina Vink
Consultants Europe
What Organizations Need to Know about European Product legislation and CE Marking when Producing or Exporting their Products to the European Union
January 2001 Tony Coletto When Do It Yourself is a Waste of Money
December 2000 Jeff Henderson
Information Technology's Impact on International Trade & Rep Attributes
November 2000 Carl W. Asmus Revamping the Supply Chain for a Global Economy
October 2000 Claudine Williams Searching for the Right Connection
September 2000 Lester Thurow Globalization effects: winners and losers of the 21st century
August 2000 E-mmerce TradeCard and Bolero Head-to-Head
July 2000 Narelle E. Mackenzie, William Major & Winfred Heitwritter (McGladrey & Pullen) MEXICO-Maquiladora Taxation: A Look At Four Troubled Areas
June 2000 Export Today Language Localization Special Section - What is LISA?
May 2000 Rolf Rykken Global Workforce
March 2000 Eduardo Llamosa
Handling Credit Risk With Buyers in Latin America
February 2000 Julie Evans
Incoterms 2000: New and Improved for the Global Trade Realties of the 21st Century
January 2000 Ray Pereira
International Factoring
November 1999 Lara L. Sowinski
Moving Goods In and Out of Emerging Markets
October 1999 Erika Morphy
Trade Finance Special Report: 9 Ways to Blow the Loan
September 1999 Zak Karamally
Choosing To Be Successful in Export Marketing
August 1999 Erika Morphy
Trade Finance: Form vs. Format
July 1999 Mel Mandell Bluntinë "Bust-Outs": How to avoid shipping goods that'll never be paid for
June 1999 Barney Lehrer
The Federation of International Trade Associations
Due Diligence Online -- How to Build Trust in Business- to-Business E-Transactions
April 1999 Nelson T. Joyner, Chairman,
The Federation of International Trade Associations
How to Find and Use an Export Management Company
March 1999 Peter Boland Risks Involved in International Trade Finance: A Banker's Perspective
February 1999 Joseph Mattera The Internet and Informed Compliance
December 1998 Sandra Smith
Import Consulting Services, Inc.
PROTESTS AND APPEALS: How to Get Your Money Back from US Customs
October 1998 Barney Lehrer
The Federation of International Trade Associations
Strategies for International Trade on the Internet
September 1998 David Gulley,
Chicago Manufacturing Center,
Selecting Great International Bankers & Freight Forwarders
June 1998 Julie Layden,
International Communications
Localization: Essential for Competing in the Global Marketplace
May 1998 Bill Dunlap
Euro-Marketing Associates,
Preparing Your Web Site Strategy for Global Business
January 1998 Alan Feucht
U.S. Ocean Forwarding Services Expeditors International of Washington, Inc
Pre-Shipment Inspections Can Be Time Consuming And Tedious Tasks
September 1997 Margaret M. Gatti, Esq.
Gatti and Associates
Do Your Foreign Importers Ask You To Underinvoice?
N/A Barney Lehrer Global Trade, Small Business and the Internet

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