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According to the Taiwan's agricultural business office, there are more farmers than cultivated hectares (936,000 farmers for 871,000 hectares). The main cultures are sugar cane, rice and citrus fruits. The country also produces pineapples and bananas. Breeding has suffered from the repercussions of a pig epidemic which has prevented the marketing and the exportation of pigs during the years 1997-1998. The adverse farming sector amounts to about 3.5 billion dollars of imports, in spite of fishing catches well-developed with more than 1.4 million tons in 1996.
Some Figures:
Part of the GDP in %: 3,3 %
Agricultural population in %: 10,1 %
Part of exports in %: 4,8 %.

Agricultural population (in thousands)

Total population


Agricultural population


Non agricultural population


Source : 2004, FAOSTAT

Land use

Cultivated surface area

844 000

Irrigated surface area


Number of farms


Source : 2003, FAOSTAT

Production indicators

Main crops

Product Production (in thousands) Harvested surface (1000 ha) Yield by hectare (kg/ha)
nc. nc. nc. nc.

Source :


Specie Headcount (in thousands)
nc. nc.

Source :

Fishing (in metric tons)

Shellfish, mollusks and cephalopods Saltwater fish Freshwater fish
174 513 929 597 96 415

Source : 2005, FAOSTAT