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Agriculture plays an important role in the economy of the country. Apart from the main cultures listed below, the other cultures in Cameroon are coffee, cotton and cocoa. Breeding brings a more important contribution to food. Generally, the country is self-sufficient from the food point of view.
Up to now, research supports and financial assistance were steered towards the export cultivating sector to the detriment of the food-producing production. The collapse of raw materials prices on the world markets has affected the state economy and the farming sector in particular. That is why the current agricultural policy of the country is focused on the increase of food-producing production, the stimulation and protection of markets and the development of processing activities and food storage.

Agricultural population (in thousands)

Total population

16 296

Agricultural population

7 807

Non agricultural population

8 489

Source : 2004, FAOSTAT

Land use

Cultivated surface area

9 160 000

Irrigated surface area

26 000

Number of farms


Number of tractors


Source : 2003, FAOSTAT

Production indicators

Main crops

Product Production (in thousands) Harvested surface (1000 ha) Yield by hectare (kg/ha)
Manioc 2139 345 6197
Sugar cane 1450 145 10000
Plantains 1356 254 5341
Oil palm fruit 1300 58 22414
Maize 1023 550 1861

Source : 2005, FAOSTAT


Specie Headcount (in thousands)
Chickens 31000
Cattle 6000
Goats 4400
Sheep 3800
Pigs 1350

Source : 2005, FAOSTAT

Fishing (in metric tons)

Shellfish, mollusks and cephalopods Saltwater fish Freshwater fish
12 260 55 085 75 337

Source : 2005, FAOSTAT