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Georgia has been for a long time nicknamed "the garden of the Caucasus". Because of the favourable climate and geographical position, agriculture has always been an important economic activity in the Caucasus area. Thanks to the legal reforms in the land ownership, the agriculture sector now contributes nearly 16% to the GDP but the yield is still low. The main agricultural produce is tea, citrus fruits, tobacco, wine grapes, and rice.
There is lack of domestic investments in this sector but is supported by foreign investments, especially from the EU. But high export potential to CIS countries, Japan and Europe exists in Georgia.

Agricultural population (in thousands)

Total population

5 074

Agricultural population


Non agricultural population

4 169

Source : 2004, FAOSTAT

Land use

Cultivated surface area

3 006 000

Irrigated surface area

469 000

Number of farms


Number of tractors

21 860

Source : 2003, FAOSTAT

Production indicators

Main crops

Product Production (in thousands) Harvested surface (1000 ha) Yield by hectare (kg/ha)
Potatoes 432 35 12205
Maize 421 193 2182
Grapes 250 63 3973
Wheat 190 96 1989
Tomatoes 127 14 8972

Source : 2005, FAOSTAT


Specie Headcount (in thousands)
Chickens 9100
Cattle 1251
Turkeys 736
Sheep 689
Pigs 484

Source : 2005, FAOSTAT

Fishing (in metric tons)

Shellfish, mollusks and cephalopods Saltwater fish Freshwater fish
0 2 874 109

Source : 2005, FAOSTAT

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