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Local business incentives

Foreign companies can contact the Foreign Office in Bucharest and the Romanian Agency of Development, in order to know the formalities related to the incorporation of a company in Romania and to get further information on possible aids for their projects.


Legal forms of companies

Form Number of partners/shareholders Minimum and/or maximum capital Liability Registration fee Release of financial documents
Private Limited Company Maximum 50 . Minimum ROL 2 million Liability is limited to the amount contributed. No
Public Limited Company Minimum 5 shareholders. ROL 25 million Liability is limited to the amount contributed.
At least 30% must be released at the incorporation and the remainder within 6 months after the registration.
Yes, if the company is quoted on the stock exchange.

Registration and licensing procedures
Foreign companies' registration procedure in Romania are made with the Trade Register National Office: Boulevard Expozitei 4 78334 Bucharest.
The registration procedure consist in: reservation of the company's Corporate name with the Trade Register, deposit of the registered capital; documents signed and authenticated by a local notary; a notice from the judge delegated to the Trade Register; publication in the official advertisement journal; certificate of registration; tax code and a company's registration with the Financial Administration.

Foreign exchange control
As for currency exchange control in Romania, certain limitations still exist. Indeed, transactions between local companies must be made in Leu. However, companies located in free trade areas, can make transactions with each other in foreign currencies. The National Bank of Romania can impose temporary limitations in certain cases.

Regulations concerning equity investment
A majority holding interest in the capital of a Romanian company is legal.  

Foreign Direct Investment inflows in Romania

FDI inflows 2003 2004 2005 World rank (*)
FDI inflows (USD million) 2 213 3 517 6 388 24/141
Source : UNCTAD - World Investment Report
Note : (*) World Rank = UNCTAD Inward FDI Performance Index. It is a measure of the extend to which a host country receives inward FDI relative to its economic size. It is calculated as a ratio of the country's share in global FDI inflows to its share in global GDP.


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