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Import regulations and customs duties

Uzbekistan belongs to the Commonwealth of Independent States (CEI/CIS).
Import : there are lists of goods having no priority and for which no authorisation is granted (for some food products and drinks). There is another negative list including certain high quality textiles, carpets, crystals, foodstuffs for dogs and cats and tourist cars.
Imports of medicines, firearms, precious metals, uranium and other radioactive products, foreign and "research data" movies and videos are submitted to a very strict import authorisation. The import of publications, manuscripts, video - audio - photo instruments "likely to do harm to the State and the Social order", as well as pornographic material are prohibited.
Export is also strictly regulated : in principle, cereals, bakery products, meat and live animals, milk products, tea, sugar cannot be exported.


Customs duties
The Customs tariff of Uzbekistan is subdivided according to the harmonised system. It uses ad valorem duties on CIP or CIF basis. As for tourist cars only, the country applies combinations of the two ad valorem duties and specific duties. Then, the final calculation is selected to give the highest possible duty on entry.




The distribution of imported consumer goods is mainly carried out in souks and wholesale markets. Exchange rate restrictions have caused a decrease in the number of importers and in Western consumer goods imports. Given that a few importers have access to foreign currencies, they de facto become distributors of the products in question. Importer/distributor companies have at least to open one shop to obtain foreign currencies. They fill in their shop and can also sell to traders who resell the items in souks. There, we can find supermarkets (state-owned, at least partially) and specialised stores. Concerning advertisement, it is to be known that the best medium to carry out promotion is television.


Transportation of goods

By road
The infrastructure of Uzbekistan is relatively well developed. In the first place, the road network extends over 42,000 km and has connections towards Kazakhstan and Russia. Some companies have good road cars fleet, sometimes respecting European standards. As for road freight: some French companies are specialised in this type of circuit as well as Uzbekistani companies. Uzbekistan is a member of the TIR convention since 28th March 1996, applied since 1st December 1996.

By rail
The railway network of this country extends over 3,100 km (the main railway lines) and only one sixth of them are electrified. But these lines are henceforward under construction for purposes of improvement of infrastructures (improvement of the tracks and rolling stock, especially those meant for passenger transport). The name of the national Uzbekistani company is Uzbekistan temir youllary.

By air
Concerning air transport, priority is given to this mode of transport : improvement of infrastructures, modernisation... However, so far as air freight is concerned, it is preferable get in contact with companies working with this country.


Since 1992, some member States of the CIS have laid down laws aiming at protecting consumers and environment. Therefore, imported goods are also subject to a certification system, which ought to prove their conformity to the technical requirements in force.
Certification is compulsory, among other things, for food products and drinks, food industry raw materials, tobaccos, cosmetics ... in short, nearly all consumer goods are subject to certification.

Patents and brands

Uzbekistan is an old member of the ex-USSR and still observes the convention leading to the establishment of the World Intellectual Property Organisation, Paris Convention (industrial property rights) and the Madrid agreement (trademarks) and the Patent Co-operation Treaty" (PCT).
The patents office of 1993 and the patents given by the ex-USSR must be once again registered as well as trademarks (subsequent to the passing of a law by the Uzbekistani Parliament).

Texts currently applying to patents/brands

  Text Date entered into law Period of validity Comment
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