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Import regulations and customs duties  - Distribution - Transportation of goods - Standards - Patents and brands

Import regulations and customs duties



Customs duties


Import taxes


Regulations governing payments


The Business to Consumer (B to C) market

The Business to Business (B to B) market


Transportation of goods

By road

By rail

By sea

By air


Patents and brands

Texts currently applying to patents/brands

  Text Date entered into law Period of validity Comment
Patent Act of Industrial Property July 1993 20 years The holder of a patent, may waive his rights to another person, entirely or partially (license).
Patent Patent Regulations March 1994 20 years Same as above.
Trademark Trademarks law 10 years Could be renewed for further periods of 10 years
Design Regulations for industrial design March 1994 10 years The shape of a body, picture and drawing can be protected as an industrial design when they are new, and when significantly different from those previously filed.


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