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Homes with televisions : 3 346 000
Number of televisions per 100 inhabitants : 24 in 1997
Number of television channels : 13
Standard Format : SECAM.

Radio station
Greece has five main state radio stations which broadcast programs to suit a variety of interests. Greek Radio and Television (ERT) is considered the most important radio station. In the Attica region there are 29 radio stations (private and municipal) while Thessaloniki has 16 (private and municipal). It is worth noting that the licensing of radio stations in Attica is being reviewed and it is expected that the number of radio stations will be reduced to 15. Outside the main urban centers there are 122 private and municipal radio stations. All radio stations transmit their programs in the Greek language but the larger radio stations (chiefly the state stations) transmit some news bulletins in English, French and German.

There are nine national television channels (Alpha - private, Alter Channel, ANT1, Mega Channel, Star Channel, Greek Radio and Television, Tempo, ET3, Mad TV) These channels transmit in Greek and have programs of general interest. ET, ANT1 and Mega Channel also transmit satellite programs particularly to countries that have a large Greek emigrant population. It is worth noting that a law restricting ownership of television channels to a 5% stake for major shareholders is in the drafting stage. Moreover, there are 31 local television channels (Attica 4, Thessaloniki 1, Regional 26). Finally, there are three subscription channels, Filmnet, Multichoice and Alpha Digital, which also transmit their programs in Greek.

The main newpapers are classified as follows: Afternoon papers: Ta Nea, Ethnos, Eleftherotypia, Eleftheros Typos, Apogevmatini etc., Weeklies: e.g. the French language paper La Tribune Hellenique, Special interest: e.g. Athens News, Daily Reporter, Sunday papers: e.g. Vima, Morning papers: e.g. Kathimerini and Financial papers: Express, Imerisia, Naftemporiki, Kerdos, Isotimia, Ikonomia and others. These papers are printed in the Greek language while some special interest papers have special inserts in English or in French. In addition, there are 58 regional newspapers, 13 local newspapers in Athens and 4 in Thessaloniki.

There are 14 main economic journals, some of which are: Ikonomiki Viomichaniki Epitheorisi, Epilogi, Chrima kai Agora, Kefalaio, Logistis, Ikonomikos Tachydromos, Trophima kai Pota, Trade with Greece, etc.


Title Type/City Language
The Athens News Daily English
Kathimerini Daily Greek
Naftemporiki Daily Greek
Athens Financial Gazette Financial biweekly English



National networks and channels

Name Status Type of programming Signal transmission Language
ANTENNA 1 Private General interest Hertzian Greek
ET1-ERT LIMITED COMPANY Public Entertainment, Non-specialized Hertzian, satelitte Greek
ET3-ERT LIMITED COMPANY Public General interest Hertzian Greek
MEGA CHANNEL-TELETYPOS LIMITED COMPANY Private General interest Cable, Hertzian, satelit Greek, English
New Channel TV Private General interest Hertzian Greek
Filmnet Greece Private Cinema Hertzian Greek, original versions
SuperSport / KTV Private Sports Hertzian Greek


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