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Homes with televisions: 9 000 000
Number of television channels: 110
Standard Format: PAL.


Title Type/City Language
Nacion National daily Spanish
Ambito Financiero Financial daily Spanish
El Territorio Daily Spanish
El Dia Quotidien/La Plata Spanish
Voz del Interior Daily / Cordoba Spanish
Buenos Aires Economico Economic daily Spanish



National networks and channels

Name Status Type of programming Signal transmission Language
America 2-Canal 2 Private Entertainment Hertzian, Satellite Spanish
Artear Argentina Canal 13 Private Animation, Movies, Fiction, CD-ROMs, Comedy, Series, News Cable, Hertzian, Satellite Spanish
ATC ( ARGENTINA TELEVISORA COLOR) - Canal 7 Public General practitioner Hertzian, Satellite Spanish
Canal Azul (Canal 9 Libertad) Private General practitioner Cable, Hertzian, Satellite Spanish
Telearte International Private Art Hertzian, Satellite Spanish
Telefe-Channel 11 Private General practitioner Hertzian, Satellite Spanish


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