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Homes with televisions : 15 510 000
Number of television channels : 23
Standard Format : NTSC.


Title Type/City Language
Business News America Online English
El nacional National daily Spanish
El Financiero Financial daily Spanish
El Economista Economic daily Spanish
El Heraldo of Mexico City Daily Spanish



National networks and channels

Name Status Type of programming Signal transmission Language
GRUPO TELEVISA LIMITED COMPANY Of CV - CANALS 2,5,9 Private Movies, Fiction, Sports, Series, General-interest Cable, Hertzian, Satellite Spanish, English
Red Public General-interest Hertzian Spanish
TV METROPOLITANA-CANAL 22 Public Movies, Culture, Science Cable, Hertzian, Satellite Spanish, English, French, German
TV AZTECA-CANAL 7 and Canal 13 Private General-interest Hertzian, Satellite Spanish
XEIPN TV CANAL 11 Public Education, News, Culture Cable, Hertzian, Satellite Spanish


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