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From the web site of the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.:

"Australia's news and entertainment media have a robust tradition of free expression and vigorous analysis of public policy.
Strong competition exists in the newspaper, radio and television industries as well as in the online (Internet) news media. This is accompanied by a lively debate about the role and influence of the media in Australian society.
Government policies support diversity among media outlets through a range of regulatory arrangements and the expansion of access to media in regional Australia. Most Australians enjoy a substantial choice of media from the newspapers, magazines, radio, television and online services available.
Australia's media entrepreneurs have a global perspective and the professional skills and technical infrastructure of local media are world-class. News Limited and the Fairfax Group are the largest newspaper publishers and ACP Magazines is the largest magazine publisher. On a per capita basis, Australia has one of the highest newspaper and magazine circulations in the world.
In the electronic media, Australia has three nationally available commercial television networks (the Seven , Nine and Ten networks, funded by advertising) and two national public broadcasters-the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS)."

The Australian Press Council is the self-regulatory body of the print media. It was established in 1976 with two main aims: to help preserve the traditional freedom of the press within Australia and ensure that the free press acts responsibly and ethically.
The Audit Bureau of Circulation audits the circulation statistics of newspapers in Australia.


Title Type/City Language
The Australian National daily English
The Australian Financial Review National financial daily English
The Weekly Times Weekly English
Canberra Times Daily / Canberra English
Herald Sun Daily / Victoria English
The Sydney Morning Herald Daily / Sydney English
Capital Weekly Economic weekly English
Brisbane Courier-Mail Daily newspaper English
Newscorp News organisation English



National networks and channels

Name Status Type of programming Signal transmission Language
ABC-AUSTRALIAN BROAD. Corp. Public General-interest Hertzian English
MTN TV PTY LTD Private General-interest Hertzian English
NBN TV Private General-interest Hertzian, Cable English
Network Ten Australia Private General-interest Hertzian English
Nine Network Australia Private General-interest Hertzian English
NORTHERN RIVERS TV PTY LTD Private Sports, Animation, Education, Comedy, Information, Documentaries, Youth, Fiction Hertzian English
Prime TV LIMITED Private General-interest Hertzian, Satellite English, Spanish
SBS-Australia Public General-interest Hertzian English : 50 %, other languages: 50 %
Seven Network Private General-interest Hertzian English
Seven Queensland Public General-interest Hertzian English
Southern Cross Broad. AUSTRALIA LTD Private Sport, Entertainment Hertzian English
Slip-over Gulf Telecasters LTD Public Entertainment, Documentaries, Information Hertzian English
SUNSHINE TV NETWORK LTD Mixed General-interest Hertzian English
Telecaster Australia LTD Public General-interest Hertzian English
BROADCASTING. CORPORATION Public General-interest Hertzian English


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