Czech Republic

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Homes with televisions : 3 900 000
Number of televisions per 100 inhabitants : 53.1 in 1997
Number of television channels : 22
Standard Format : PAL.


Title Type/City Language
The Prague Post Weekly English
The Prague Tribune Economic daily English
Prager Zeitung Daily German
Lidve Noviny Daily Czech
Metro Daily / Prague Czech
Prague Business Journal Economic daily English



National networks and channels

Name Status Type of programming Signal transmission Language
CZECH TV ( 2 channels) Public General-interest Hertzian Czech
CZECH TV OSTRAVA Private General-interest Hertzian Czech, Slovak
KF Public General-interest Hertzian Czech, Slovak, English
Nova TV Private General-interest Hertzian Czech
Outdid(subsidized) TV Private Cinema, Fiction, Documentary, Series, Music Hertzian, Satellite Czech


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