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Homes with televisions : 3 394 000
Number of televisions per 100 inhabitants : 51.9 in 1997
Number of television channels : 23
Standard Format : PAL.


Title Type/City Language
Expressen Daily Swedish
Svenska Dagbladet Daily Swedish
Dagens Nyheter Daily Swedish
Arbetet Daily / Malmo, Goteborg Swedish
Afton Bladet Daily / Stockholm Swedish
Dagens Industri Economic daily Swedish, summarized in English



National networks and channels

Name Status Type of programming Signal transmission Language

Public General-interest Hertzian, Satellite Swedish
SVENSK TV 4 Public Advertising agent Hertzian, Satellite Swedish, English
SVENSK TV 5 Public General-interest Hertzian, Satellite Swedish
TV3 SV Private Series Hertzian, Satellite Swedish
TVG Private General-interest Hertzian, Satellite Swedish
SVENSK TV 1 Public General-interest Hertzian, Satellite Swedish, Finnish, Serbian-Croatian, Greek, Turkish, Polish, Estonian, Sami, Persia, Kurd
Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company Private Education, Culture Hertzian Swedish
TV 4 AB Entertainment, Non-specialized Cable, Hertzian, Satellite Swedish
UR-Sveriges Utbildnings-radio Public Education Hertzian Swedish


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