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Title Type/City Language
Akropolis Daily Lithuanian
Nasza Gazeta Weekly Lithuanian
Lieutvos Rytas Daily Lithuanian
Lieutvos Rytas Weekly Economy English



National networks and channels

Name Status Type of programming Signal transmission Language
BTV- Baltic TV Baltijos Televizija Private Entertainment, General-interest Hertzian Lithuanian, Russian, English, Polish
Kaunas Plius TV-Kaunas + Private General-interest, Fiction Hertzian Lithuanian, Russian, English
LNK- Free Independent Channel Private General-interest Hertzian Lithuanian
LRT / LTV- Lithuanian Radio & TV Public General-interest Hertzian, Satellit Lithuanian, Russian, English, German, French, Polish, Ukrainian, Bilorus
Marijamples Televizija Private General-interest Hertzian Lithuanian
TV3- Lituanie Private Entertainment Hertzian Lithuanian, Russian, English, German, French
VTV- Vilnius TV -Vilniaus Televizija Private General-interest Hertzian Lithuanian, Russian
TV1 Lithuania Private Entertainment Hertzian Lithuanian, English
PBK -First Baltic Channel Private Entertainment, General-interest Hertzian Lithuanian, Estonian, Russian, Latvian, Polish


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