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The newspaper circulation within Armenia is limited and the press industry represents a tiny portion of an emerging market economy. Newspapers address a small and elite audience: a mere 5% of the population takes its news from papers. Broadcast media represents the widest market share: radio at 10% and the most popular media being television commanding 85%. TV channels, get a huge amount of funds from their owners, who are part of the political and/or economic elite.
Censorship is prohibited under a 2004 media law. However, libel and defamation are punishable by prison terms and journalists have been sentenced under these laws.

Television is Armenia's dominant medium. There are more than 48 private TV stations and two public TV networks operating in Armenia. The main Russian TV channels are widely available.
Also, there are 26 radio stations ( AM 9, FM 16, shortwave 1) operating in the country.
Armenia has 8,163 internet hosts and around 150,000 internet users.


Title Type/City Language
Aravot Daily (Private), Yerevan Armenian, Russian, English
Ayots Ashkar Daily (Private), Yerevan Armenian
Ayastani Anrapetutyun Daily (founded by Armenian parliament), Yerevan Armenian
Aykakan Zhanamak Daily (founded by opposition Democratic Homeland Party), Yerevan Armenian
Azg Daily (founded by Liberal Democratic Party), Yerevan Armenian, Russian, English, Turkish
Golos Armenii Non-daily (private), Yerevan Russian
Iravunk Non-daily (founded by Union of Constitutional Law party),Yerevan Armenian, Russian, English
Respublika Armenia Daily (founded by Armenian Presidential Executive Staff, parliament and government), Yerevan Russian
Yerkir Weekly (founded by Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaktsutyun), Yerevan Armenian, Russian, English
Armenian News Agency Daily, Yerevan Armenian, Russian, English
Diario Armenia Daily, Buenos Aire - Argentina Spanish



National networks and channels

Name Status Type of programming Signal transmission Language
Public TV of Armenia Public General-interest/ Yerevan Hertzian, Satellite Armenian, English
Armenia TV Private General interest/Yerevan Satellite Armenian, English
Armenian Second TV Channel Private General interest/ Yerevan Hertzian, Satellite Armenian, Russian, English
Prometheus TV Private General interest Satellite Armenian
Hayrenik TV Private Children's programms /Yerevan Satellite Armenian
Armenian Web TV Private General interest/ Hollywood (California) Internet Armenian, English
Public Radio of Armenia Public General interest / Yerevan Hertizian Armenian, English
Hai FM Private General interest/ Yerevan Hertizian Armenian, Russian, English
Hit FM Private Music/Yerevan Hertizian Armenian
Radio Van Private Music/Yerevan Hertizian Armenian
Radio Alfa Private General interest/ Yerevan Hertizian Russian, English


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