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The Constitution of Georgia ensures a liberal environment for the development of independent media. The 2004 Law on Freedom of Speech and Expression took libel off the criminal code and relieved journalists of legal criminal responsibility for revealing state secrets. However, in the first half of 2004 independent TV stations became less daring in criticizing the government, a development that may be based on a combination of alleged behind-the-scenes government pressure and self-censorship.
The economic base of the media is still weak. Independent TV companies are usually unprofitable and serve to promote the agendas of their owners. The media market is dominated by privately owned organizations.Newspaper distribution is also mainly in private hands, though the state-owned Sakpresa distribution agency is still in business.
The professional quality of journalists is insufficient, and there are no strong formal associations to set professional and ethical standards for the industry; although the ownership structure of the media is quite diverse.

Radio Stations: 7 (AM), 12 (FM), 4 (Shortwave)
Internet hosts: 10,752
Internet users: 175,600


Title Type/City Language
Archive of Georgian newspapers Website links to major Georgian newspapers Georgian
The Georgian Times Daily/Tbilisi English
Svobodnaya Gruzia Daily/Tbilisi Russian
The Georgian Today Weekly English/Russian
24 saati Daily/Tbilisi Georgian
Rezonansi Daily Georgian
The financial Weekly English
Alia Thrice per week Israeli
Georgian Messenger Daily English
Sakartvelos Respublika (Republic of Georgia) Daily/Tbilisi Georgian
Tribuna Daily Georgian



National networks and channels

Name Status Type of programming Signal transmission Language
Georgian State TV (Channel-1) Government Tbilisi/General interest Hertzian waves, Satellite, Georgian, Russian, German.
Rustavi-2 Private Tbilisi/ News & Politics Satellite Georgian
Adjara TV Private Tbilisi/News & entertainment Satellite English, Russian, German, Spanish and French
Georgian Public Broadcasting (GPB) TV Public Tbilisi/General interest Satellite English, Russian, German, Spanish and French
Imedi TV Private Tbilisi/ News & music Satellite English, Russian, German, Spanish and French
Mze TV Private Satellite
Georgian Public Radio Public Tbilisi/General interest Short-wave Georgian, Russian, German.
Radio Imeda Private Tbilisi/General interest FM Georgian
Fortuna Private Tbilisi/News FM Georgian


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