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The media in Macedonia broadly enjoys freedom. The constitution of Macedonia guarantees freedom of speech and access to information. The State run television MKRTV (it has three national channels) faces competition from private networks.
The country's media is controlled by an independent non-profit regulatory body called Broadcasting Council, which has public competences and authority in the field of broadcasting activity defined by the Law on Broadcasting Activity (Official Gazzette of RM" No.: 100/2005). The Broadcasting Council, in the course of performance of its competences, ensures the freedom and pluralism of expression, existence of diverse, independent and autonomous media, economic and technological development of broadcasting activity, and protection of the interests of citizens in broadcasting.


Title Type/City Language
Nova Makedonija Daily/Skopje Macedonian
Utrinski Vesnik Daily/Skopje Macedonian
Dnevnik Daily Macedonian
Vreme Daily Macedonian
Vecer Daily/Skopje Macedonian
Makedonija Denes Daily/Skopje Macedonian
Vest Daily/Skopje Macedonian
Fakti Daily/Skopje Albanian
Forum Weekly/Skopje Macedonian
Aktuel Weekly/Skopje Macedonian
Fokus Weekly/Skopje Macedonian



National networks and channels

Name Status Type of programming Signal transmission Language
MKRTV- Macedonian Television (TV1, TV2, TV3) Public General-interest/National Hertzian, Satellite Macedonian, Albanian, Turkish, Serbian, Romany, Vlach and Bosnian.
A1 (Television) Private General-interest /National Hertzian, Satellite Macedonian
Sitel TV Private Entertainment & Sports/National Hertzian, Satellite Macedonian
Kanal 5 - Television Private General-interest/National Hertzian, Satellite Macedonian
Alsat M - Television Private General-interest/National Hertzian, Satellite Albanian
Television Telma Private News / National Hertzian, Satellite Macedonian
Macedonian Radio Public General-interest/National Hertzian Macedonian, Albanian, Turkish, Serbian, Romany, Vlach and Bosnian.
Kanal 77 (Radio) Private General-interest/National Hertzian Macedonian
Antenna 5 (Radio) Private Music & entertainment/National Hertzian Macedonian, English
Radio Ros Private National Hertzian Macedonian


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