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Market Access Procedures

Main International Economic Cooperation
Member of CEFTA (Central European Free Trade Agreement).  It also has Free Trade agreements with Turkey and Ukraine, and Stabilization and Association agreements with the European Union.
Non Tariff Barriers
Non-tariff barriers have been suppressed.
Customs Duties and Taxes on Imports
Customs duty's average rate is less than 7%, on a downward trend. Maximum tax is 60%.  It is applied to products such as fruits, vegetables, cereals, beverages and tobacco.  Minimum tax is 0%, applied to materials used for the industry of textiles.  For more information, consult the site of Customs Administration.

Customs Classification
Classification is based on the Harmonized System Codes (HS Code).
Import Procedures
In order to import products to FYROM, the following documents must be submitted:
- Single Administrative Document (DAU or SAD);
- The invoice indicating price and quantity;
- Documents attesting the application of preferential rates:  Certificate of origin, etc.;
- Shipping documents:  bill of lading, etc.;
- Insurance;
- Packing list.
Importing Samples
Customs Administration.
For Further Information
Customs Administration

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Reaching the Consumers

Marketing Opportunities

Consumer Behavior
Consumers are more interested in quality-value products than in brand names. Nevertheless, agricultural products are of high quality because people are very demanding.
Consumer Profile and Purchasing Power
The country is poor and the purchasing power of the population is very low; there is not much space for leisure and tourism.
Consumers Associations
OPM , Consumer Organization
Main Advertising Agencies
Media Trend

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Distributing a Product

Market Shares
Even though the country is small, there is not a major leader in the distributing market.  This market is very fragmented: there are many independent sellers, small shops and stands, supermarkets, street vendors, etc.

Specialized stores are quickly expanding in the larger cities.

The Greek supermarket chain "Veropulos" (also known as Vero) dominates the market, there are six stores in the country and plans to continue expanding.

The Turkish supermarket chain "Ramstore" supplies telecommunication products and services, it is the leader chain with more than 40 stores in the country.

Organizations in the Retail Sector
Invest in FYROM

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Organizing Goods Transport

Main Useful Means of Transport
The main transportation means are by road or by rail.
Skopje Airport
Ohrid Airport
Sea Transport Organizations
Air Transport Organizations
Ministry of Transportation and Communications
Road Transport Organizations
Ministry of Transportation and Communications
Rail Transport Organizations
National Railways

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Identifying a Supplier

Type of Production
The industrial sector represents 30% of GDP. It is concentrated around Skopje. The most important industries are: iron, steel, food, tobacco and textiles.

Business Directories

Multi-sector Directories
Directory Macedonia - Economy resources in the Republic of Macedonia.
Macedonian Yellow Pages - Find a business in Macedonia.
Manufacturers Associations of the Main Industries
4 professional associations listed for FYROM.
Trade Agencies and Their Representations Abroad
Economic Chamber
Chambers of Commerce (in Slavomacedonian)
Enterprises Federation
Business Confederation

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