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Labour market indicators

Unemployment rate in 2001: 22.7% (ILO data)

Working population:


Total Population

Working population

Activity rate


3 187 976  
1 622 871  
Source : Worldbank

Employment by sector:






Sources: ILO, Eurostat, last available data


Employment contracts
The Government of Albania(GoA) has established the National Council of Labor, composed of the GoA, Trade Unions and Employers Association; which has completed the drafting of the a Social Understanding Pact. The major goal of the Pact is to improve social dialogue between government, management and employees.
Labor relations between employee and employer are regulated by individual employment contracts pursuant to Law no. 8549, dated 11.11.1999, and the labor code, which was updated on July 2003.


National monthly minimum wage as of Year 2007: 11,800 Lek

Average wage for a employee in the manufacturing industry in 2003: 16572 Lek by  month (ILO data)

Social security contributions

Employer: 19.1% of gross monthly salary.

Employee: 8% of gross monthly salary.


Number of hours

Legal definition of full time work (per week): 48 hours (Maximum)

Retirement age: 65 years (men) and 60 years (women)



Unions: In Albania employers and employees have the right to form trade unions (Labour Code, article 176). Employee trade unions are organised at the national level (according to industrial sector) and also at the company level. The right to strike is sanctioned by Law no. 7458 (January 12, 1991) and by the Labour Code. Trade unions have the right to negotiate wages, working conditions, etc., and the emplyment contracts are applicable both to union and to non-union workers.
There are 2 main national-level trade unions in Albania are, both affiliated to ITUC (International Trade Union Confederation):
1. Confederation of Trade Unions (KSSH), with an estimated membership of 100,000.
2. The Union of the Independent Trade Unions of Albania (BSPSH), with an estimated membership of 85,000.

Useful links

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- NATLEX : ILO database on national labour laws

- Institute of Statistics of Albania (INSAT)

- Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana

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