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Entry Requirements

Passport and Visa Service
Consult the conditions for entering Algeria
Diplomatic Representations
Consult the directory of embassies and consulates near you on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.
IATA Travel Center

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Organizing Your Trip

Means of Transport Recommended in Town

The public transport system in large Algerian cities is quite modern even if it is disorganized in some cases. It is recommended that foreign visitors use taxis, especially for trips inside a Wilaya (a department).
Maps of Urban Networks

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Transportation From Airport to City Centre:






Car Rental
Algiers (ALG) 18 km / 11 miles DZD 300 / 20-25 min DZD 20 / 30 min DZD 15 / 25-30 min -
Oran (ORN) 8 km / 5 miles Available - - Available
Constantine (CZL) 8 km / 5 miles Available Available - Available
Annaba (AAE) 10 km / 6 miles Available Every 30 min - Available
Batna (BLJ) 27 km / 17 miles - - - -

Means of Transport Recommended in the Rest of the Country

For safety reasons, using long distance public road transport is highly inadvisable. Until the east-west motorway is operational (some time in 2009), travelling by plane is recommended.
Air Algérie serves most large (and medium sized) Algerian cities and has attractive fares.
Rail transport has again become an attractive means of transport, both in terms of fares and keeping to the timetable.
Rail Companies
National Rail Transport Company

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Name Type Domestic Flights International Flights
Air Algérie Major Yes Yes
Tassili Airlines Major Yes Yes
Aigle Azur Low cost No Yes

You Can Consult the List of Airlines Banned Within the EU. Look Also at the rating of the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

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Traveling By Yourself

Traveling on your own is unsafe. Fake roadblocks set up by armed groups must still be feared on a certain number of roads, including well traveled roads, often at nightfall. Moreover, the number of road accidents appears to be particularly high, but this is less because of the state of the road network, which is good on the whole, than because motorists do not observe the highway code.
Road Maps
Michelin map of Algeria
Map of Algiers
Find an Itinerary

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Different Forms of Tourism

Many museums and monuments reflect Algeria's historic past.
In Algiers: the National Museum of Antiquities, the History Museum, the War Museum, the Martyrs' Monument.
28 museums including the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions (Algiers) and the Cirta National Museum (Constantine).
The coastal band, the Atlas mountains, the Oases of the Sahara, the Hoggar mountains in the south, the mountainous massifs of Great Kabylia, Saharan Algeria with its plains and mountains, and the many UNESCO World Heritage sites (see the list).
Algeria is home to some 15 000 mosques, including a certain number of very old ones. The Great Mosque of Algiers was built in 1018, that of Tlemcen in 1102, the mosque of the Pasha, in Oran, in 1797. See also the mosque of Constantine (in French).
Algeria has more than 200 hot springs (in French), some of which date from Roman times.
Algeria has 309 authorized beaches over all its coastal towns.
Winter Sports
Not far from Blida there is a ski slope at Chréa (altitude 1 500 m).
Outdoor Activities
Trekking, expeditions in 4x4s, rides on camels, etc. See further information on the website.
Local items that tourists can bring back from Algeria are: carpets, gypsum flowers ("Roses of the sands"), darboukas (percussion instruments), dates. Terracotta or copper items made by local craftsmen are becoming rarer and rarer.
Tourism Organizations
Algerian Tourism

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Living Conditions

Health and Safety

Health Precautions
A certificate of vaccination against yellow fever is required for travelers over 1 year of age coming from contaminated areas. There is a limited risk of malaria. A small outbreak (of P.vivax) has been reported at Ihrir (dep. of Illizi) but the place is isolated and difficult to get to.

Health risks are low, except for illnesses linked to a lack of hygiene ( typhoid, hepatitis A, diarrhea...). The traveler really should be vaccinated against typhoid and hepatitis A and B. In any case be very careful about what you eat or drink. Avoid drinking tap water or non industrial drinks. Wash fruits very well (or, even better, peel them) and eat cooked meat dishes (couscous, tajines, spit roast lamb).
International Hospitals
The British medical insurance company Bupa recommends the El-Bordj clinic (near Algiers), as a point of reference.
For Further Information on Sanitary Conditions
The information pages on the World Health Organization website.
For Further Information on Safety Conditions
The Travel warnings of the US State Department
The "Travel reports" of the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The recommendations of the US State Department

Emergency Numbers

Police 17
Samu Alger (emergency medical service) +213 21 23 63 81
Civil Protection 14
Treatment center for poisoning cases +213 21 97 98 98

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Time Difference and Climate

Time and Time Difference
It is %T:%M %A In Algiers (GMT+1)
Summer Time Period

Map of the Time Zone

Time zone

Type of Climate
The climate is hot and dry in the south. The temperature is average in the south (27°C), but it often reaches 40°C in summer. The average temperature in the north is 21°C. The rainy season lasts from mid-September to mid-May.
For Further Information
Algerian National Meteorological Office

Average Annual Temperatures and Rainfall



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Food Specialties
Lamb with prunes and almonds - Lahm Lhalou : this is a rich, sweet dish.
Couscous which can be prepared with selected vegetables.

You can find recipes typical of Algerian cuisine on the Algerian Cuisine website.
Selecto : national fizzy drink
Mint tea
Dietary Restrictions
Islam forbids Muslims to eat pork. Alcohol must only be consumed in dedicated establishments.

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Domestic Currency
Algerian Dinar
ISO Code
To Obtain Domestic Currency
You can get an advance on a credit card in big hotels and in some banks (at the Crédit Populaire d'Algérie (CPA) or in foreign banks). You are strongly advised not to change your foreign currency on the black market to avoid counterfeit banknotes and Customs controls.
Most banks now have ATMs. Check if you can withdraw cash there with your international credit card. Some banks reserve their ATMs for their own customers.
Possible Means of Payment
Big hotels take the main international credit cards. However, make sure you have enough cash to pay for everyday purchases.

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Official Language
Since July 1998, the official language in Algeria has been Arabic.
Other Languages Spoken
Most Algerians speak dialectal Arabic. Although Arabic is the official language in Algeria. Tamazight was constituted as the second national language in April 2002.
French is still used by many Algerians, especially in the administration.
Business Language
French and Arabic are generally the language of business, although some companies use English.
Getting Some Knowledge
Consult the tool "Foreign Language for Travelers" of the website.
Free Translation Tools
Foreignword : Translator of words and text
Arabic Tripod : Introduction to Arabic (in English)
Al-Awal English Arabic Dictionary : On-line translator
Lexilogos : Translation website for Arabic to French and English .

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Useful Resources

To Find an Accommodation
Hôtel El-Djazaïr, Hôtel El-Aurassi, Hôtel Sofitel, Grand Hôtel Mercure, Hilton Hotel.
Hôtel Sheraton Club des Pins (in the region of Algiers), Hôtel Sheraton (Oran), Hôtel Royal (Oran)
Lounge Hôtel
Hôtel El-Riadh, Hôtel El-Marsa, Hôtel Safir Mazafran , Hôtel Dar Diaf Bouchaoui
Hôtel le Majestic
Hotels suggested by Algeria Tourism (in French)
Hotels recommended by the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Algeria.
Hotels listed on the website
Algerian Ministry of Tourism
To Find an Apartment
Les Pins Real Estate
Icosium Real Estate
The Algerian real estate advertisement website

The individual to individual real estate website
Real estate advertisements in Algeria
To Find a Job
Emploitic, recruitment website in Algeria
Algérie Emploi

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