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The currency is the israeli new shekel (ILS and NIS).


Automatic Teller Machines (ATM)
To find out the locations of ATMs in Israel , click on the link to your credit card: Visa, Mastercard or American Express


The network is very jammed and in excellent condition in Israel. Sometimes the traffic is dangerous. No problems in terms of fuel supplies. An insurance is compulsory for passengers travelling with their personal car, it is usually included in the rental contract. An amicable agreement is possible in case of an accident. The police may intervene in case of physical injury. In the Palestinian Territories, the roads are in good condition. The gas stations are rare in certain regions of the West Bank of Jordan. The collective or "service" taxis are the only means of transportation in the Palestinian Territories. The only possible way at present is: Nahariya-Ha´fa-Tel Aviv-Beer Sheva. Indeed, the Jerusalem - Tel Aviv connection is closed because work is in progress.

The Ben Gourion airport is the main international airport. Eilat is served either by its own airport (small and average jets), or by Aqaba in Jordan (big jets), but the Jordanian authorities do not demand any particular formality. The Israeli domestic air connections are ensured by the company " Arkia " with well-maintained jets. The Palestinian air fleet (Palestine Airlines) serves Cairo from the Gaza airport. The other companies (Royal Jordanian, Egypt Air, Royal Air Morocco) ensure the connections from Gaza to Cairo, Amman and Casablanca.



The Internet suffix is: .il

Basic conversation guide

Yes = ken
No = lo
Thank you = toda
Hello = shalom
Goodbye = shalom
I do not understand = ani lo mevin (m), ani lo mevinah (f)
What is the price? How much does it cost? = Kama ze o'le?
I would like to buy = Ani ro tse liknot ( m ), Ani ro tsa liknot ( f )
Do you accept the credit cards ? = Ha im ata mechabed kartisey ashraiy? ( M ) Ha im at mechabedet kartisey ashraiy? ( F )
Where is? = Eifo?
Post office = Beit doh ar
The bank = Bank
The police station, the police force =Tachanat mishtara
The pharmacy = Beit mirkachat
An airport = Sde te ufa
The station = Tachanat rakevet
One ticket to..., please. = Kartis echad the be vakasha.
Would you have any vacancies for tonight? = Ha im yesh chadarim pnuyim?.


Languages spoken

In Israel, the official languages are Hebrew and Arabic. The official language of Jews is modern Hebrew, but so far only 60% of the Israeli population was born in the country. As a result, this language is a mother tongue only for a minority. Jews speak English, French, Russian or Yiddish. English is considered as the first foreign language.

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