United Arab Emirates

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The currency is the Dirham or AED.
It is difficult to exchange travellers checks except in big cities. On the other hand, Eurochecks can be exchanged in all banks.


Automatic Teller Machines (ATM)
To find out the locations of ATMs in United Arab Emirates , click on the link to your credit card: Visa, Mastercard or American Express

Business hours

Administrations: from 7.30 AM to 1.30 PM, Saturday to Wednesday and from 7.30 AM to 12 AM on Thursday.


The road network is excellent, but the traffic can be dangerous (excessive speed, abrupt stops of taxis in city). The seat belt must be fastened. Driving on the right side of the road. For hikes in the desert, use a 4x4.

Airlines have modern fleets of which the maintenance does not call to any particular comment. There are no domestic flights.



The Internet suffix is: .ae

Basic conversation guide

Yes = na'am
No = laa
Thank you = shokran
Hello = Ahalan
Goodbye = Ma'a ELSALAMA
I do not understand = Ana laa Afham
How much does this cost ? = Bikam?
I would like to buy...., please = O'reed ann ashtary
Do you accept credit card ? = Hal takibal bitakit el aitiman?
Where is...? = Ain?
Airport = Matar
Train station = Mahatit Al kitar
Post officer = Markaz Barid
bank = bank
Police station = Kissam Shorta
Pharmacy = Sidali'ia
One ticket to.... , please = tathkara wahida min fadlik..
Would you have any available room for tonight ? = Hal togad Koraf Fadia Al Laila?.


Languages spoken

Official language: Arabic. Commercial language: English. In the United Arab Emirates, Arabic is the official language. However, English is the commercial language and is also spoken in hotels and shops.

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