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The currency is the Syrian pound or SYP.


Automatic Teller Machines (ATM)
To find out the locations of ATMs in Syria , click on the link to your credit card: Visa, Mastercard or American Express

Business hours

Administrations: from 8.30 AM to 2 PM Saturday to Thursday.


The network is in a very unequal condition and the traffic is jammed. The Highway Code is not respected and accidents are frequent. Since foreign driving licenses are not recognized, it is necessary to get the services of a chauffeur. In the event of an accident, it is advised to ask for the protection of the police and to leave the place of the accident. The other means of transport inside the country are the collective taxi or individual taxi, the buses and minibus (called "hop hop" because they stop on request).

Old, not comfortable and slow but can be attractive. Check carefully the bookings sometimes uncertain, show up early enough at the station. This means of transport should be for those who wish to share the nonchalance of the train, its lack of punctuality and the beauty of the crossed landscape, notably between Lattaquie and Alep.

The maintenance of the planes of the domestic fleet, Syrian Air, does not call any particular comment. Cancellations without previous notice can occur.



The Internet suffix is: .sy

Basic conversation guide

Yes = na'am
No = laa
Thank you = shokran
Hello = Ahalan
Goodbye =Ma'a ELSALAMA
I do not understand = Ana laa Afham
How much does it cost ? = Bikam?
I would like to buy. please = O'reed ann ashtary
Do you accept the credit cards ? = Hal takibal bitakit el aitiman?
Where is...? = Ain?
Airport = Matar
Train station = Mahatit Al kitar
Post office = Markaz Barid
Bank = bank
Police station = Kissam Shorta
Pharmacy = Sidali'ia
One ticket to. please = tathkara wahida min fadlik..
Would you have any available room for tonight ? = Hal togad Koraf Fadia Al Laila?.


Languages spoken

Arabic is the official and common language in Syria. As far as commercial languages are concerned, the most frequently used are Arabic and English. Finally, it is also important to note the extensive use of French especially in a certain sector of the intelligentsia.

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