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The Georgian Lari (GEL) = 100 tetri.
Notes: GEL 100, 50, 20, 10, 5, 1. Coins: 50, 20, 10, and 5 tetri.


Automatic Teller Machines (ATM)
To find out the locations of ATMs in Georgia , click on the link to your credit card: Visa, Mastercard or American Express

Business hours

Offices: Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm.
Banks: Monday to Friday, 9:30 am to 5:30 pm, with an extended break during the day that varies by locality. Some banks close early on Friday and are open on Saturday.
Government: Monday to Friday, 9 am to 3 pm.
Retail: Monday to Friday, 9 am to 7 pm; Saturday, 9 am to 2 pm.


GETTING THERE: Currently available entrance points to Georgia which could be travelled by bus or car are : Armenia - Georgia
Sadakhlo / Bagratashen(South- East Georgia). Distance to Tbilisi - 90 km.
Bavra (the Southern Georgia). Distance to Tbilisi - 330 km, to Akhalkalaki – 40 km.
Azerbaijan - Georgia
Lagodekhi / Tsodna (Eastern Georgia). Distance to Tbilisi - 170 km, to Telavi - 50 km.
Red Bridge (South - East Georgia). Distance to Tbilisi - 70 km.
Vakhtangisi (Southern Georgia ). Distance to Tbilisi 60 km, to Gardabani 20 km.
Georgia - Turkey br> Sarpi ( West Georgia ). Distance to Tbilisi - 400 km, to Batumi -15 km.
Vale South West Georgia. Distance to Tbilisi - 300 km, to Akhaltsikhe -30 km.

The Russia-Georgia checkpoint at Kazbegi (the Georgian Military Highway), Tskhinvali (the Roki Tunnel) and routes across the Georgian-Abkhaz boarder are currently closed.

GETTING AROUND: Traffic drives on the right. Georgia has approximately 20,000km (12,428 miles) of asphalted roads, and there is an ambitious project to construct a motorway connecting the Black Sea ports to the border with Azerbaijan, passing through Tbilisi. Travellers attempting to drive around Georgia independently should be aware that it is difficult to buy fuel without highly specialised local knowledge and that an adequate supply of fuel should be obtained in Tbilisi beforehand. Also, reliable road maps or signposts do not exist. Children under seven years old are required to be restrained in child-safety seats. Under Georgian law, a driver may be considered to be driving under the influence of alcohol with any blood alcohol concentration exceeding zero.
The busses are in poor condition. Timetables frequently change and should not be relied upon.
It is possible for holders of an EU licence to drive in Georgia but an International Driving Permit is required to hire a vehicle.

GETTING THERE: Georgia is linked to Armenia and Azerbaijan. A new Kars (Turkey) – Akhalkalaki (Georgia) route is supposed to open by 2010. Meanwhile, it is possible to take the train up to the border and catch another train once the Turkish border is crossed. Train travel stays a cheap yet sometimes long or unnerving way of traveling through the South Caucasus.

From Armenia: Transcaucasus Railway overnight train. Departures from Yerevan are on even days, from Tbilisi on odd days: From Azerbaijan: Transcaucasus Railway overnight train. There are daily departures from Baku and Tbilisi.
War in the breakaway region of Abkhazia has adversely affected Georgia’s rail link with Russia, and it is currently not available.

GETTING AROUND: Georgia has almost 1,600km (987 miles) of railway. However, lines are currently single-track and slow, and rolling stock is antiquated. The Government has now restored order on the railway, which had suffered from fuel shortages, armed attacks on trains, sabotage of track and bridges, and there is now a fundamentally sound infrastructure. However, rail travel in the north and west is very difficult owing to the conflict in Abkazia. Rail passengers are advised to store their valuables in the compartment under the seat/bed and not to leave the compartment unattended. It is also a good idea to ensure the compartment door is secure from the inside by tying it closed with wire or strong cord. Reservations are required for all trains. However, visitors are advised not to undertake long-distance rail travel. There are two classes of trains, primarily distinguished by the comfort of the seats. Children under five years of age travel free and children from five to nine years of age pay half fare.

GETTING THERE: Flights in and out of Georgia are available on a variety of airlines:
Air France, Olympic Airlines, British Airways, Azerbaijan Airlines, Lufthansa, Aeroflot, Air Zena (Georgian national airlines - A9), Austrian Airlines, Turkish Airlines and UM Airlines (Ukrainian Mediterranean) operate to cities like Amsterdam, Athens, Frankfurt/M, Kiev, Moscow, Paris, St Petersburg, Tashkent, Tehran, Tel Aviv, and Vienna.
British Mediterranean, a franchise partner of British Airways, operates three direct scheduled flights to Tbilisi from Heathrow Airport in London, UK.
It is thus possible to reach any major Middle Eastern city, European city or Russian cities in less than 4 hours.

GETTING AROUND: Tbilisi International airport (TBS) is 18km (11 miles) east of Tbilisi city centre. Recently, a new and modern airport has been built. Regular taxis and buses run into city centre. Air Zena ( Airzena Georgian Airlines) flies between Tbilisi and Butani, Kutaisi and Senaki. There are 28 domestic airports in the country.



The Internet suffix is: .ge

Basic conversation guide

Hello = (gah-mahr-joh-baht)
How are you? = (roh-goh-rah khahrt?)
Fine, thank you = (k'ahr-gahd, mahd-lohbt)
What is your name? = (rah gk'vee-ahd?)
My name is ______ . = (cheh-mee sah-kheh-lee-ah _____ .)
Nice to meet you. = (dzah-lee-ahn sah-see-ah-mohv-nee-ah)
Please = (tu sheh-eedz-leh-bah)
Thank you = (gmahd-lohbt)
You're welcome.= (ah-rah-prees)
Yes (formal) = (dee-akh)
Yes (informal) = (hoh or khoh) No. (ah-rah)
Excuse me. (getting attention) = (oo-k'ahts-rah-vahd)
I'm sorry = (boh-dee-shee)
Goodbye = (nakh-vahm-dees)
I can't speak "Georgian" = ( kahr-too-lee eh-nah ahr vee-tsee)
Do you speak English? = (eeng-glee-soo-ree ee-tseet?)
Do you speak Russian? = (roo-soo-lee ee-tseet?)
Help! = (dah-meh-khmah-reht!)
Good morning = (dee-lah mshvee-doh-bee-sah)
Good evening = (sah-ghah-moh mshvee-doh-bee-sah)
Good night = (ghah-meh mshvee-doh-bee-sah)
I don't understand = (vehr gah-vee-geh)
Where is the toilet? =(sahd ah-rees t'oo-ah-leh-t'ee?)
Go away! = (ts'ah-dee!)


Languages spoken

Georgian 71% (official), Russian 9%, Armenian 7%, Azeri 6%, other 7%.
Note : Abkhaz is the official language in Abkhazia.

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