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The Institute of Management and Administration (IOMA) is a leading publisher of newsletters providing cutting edge information for businesses. We are proud to offer important articles excerpted from their publications Managing Exports and Managing Logistics.

Date Publication Title
May 2002 Managing Exports Expert Details 10 Steps To Manage Political Risk In Export "Hot Spots"
January 2002 Managing Logistics 18 Steps to Designing an Effective Logistics Supply Chain for Your Company
January 2002 Managing Exports Five Steps to Ensure Forwarders Cut Costs And Maximize Profits
January 2002 Managing Exports Creating Pro Forma Invoices That Recover All Your Export Costs
September 2001 Managing Exports Cost Effectiveness Drives Exporters From L/Cs To Credit Insurance
July 2001 Managing Logistics Terms and Conditions That Minimize the Risk Of Loss In Shipping & Destination Contracts
June 2001 Managing Exports How Ferris Mfg.’s Top Export Executive Took The Company Global
June 2001 Managing Logistics Supply Chain Analysis Paves the Way to Unclog Operational Bottlenecks
June 2001 Managing Exports University of Michigan Study: 73% of L/Cs Have Discrepancies But Most Are Quickly Waived
May 2001 Managing Logistics WERC Expert Outlines 5 Best Practice Steps to Successful e-Fulfillment
April 2001 Managing Exports Expert Advice on How To improve 4 Areas of Export Administration
March 2001 Managing Exports Export Pros Identify The 10 Best Ways to Expand International Sales
February 2001 Managing Logistics Collaborative Strategies & Tools Reduce Overall Supply Chain Inventory
February 2001 Managing Exports How to Reduce the Cost and Delays of Preshipment Inspections
January 2001 Managing Logistics Improve Your Supply Chain's Performance By Measuring 3 Processes
January 2001 Managing Exports Use These Top Five Strategies for Selling in International Markets
January 2001 Managing Exports Top Strategies for Managing Export Administration & Costs
December 2000 Managing Logistics 7 Reasons Logistics Managers Are Turning To E-SCM Solutions
November 2000 Managing Logistics Six Steps to Get Your Supply Chain Ready For Trading Exchanges
October 2000 Managing Logistics 7 Ways to Customize & Reduce the Cost of Your Distribution Network
October 2000 Managing International Credit & Collections Ten Best Practices That Minimize L/C Problems
September 2000 Managing International Credit & Collections Expert Advice on Doing Business in the Pac Rim
August 2000 Managing Exports Seven Steps to Qualifying For CE Marking in the European Union
August 2000 Managing International Credit & Collections How to Handle Distressed Trade Debt of Customers in Emerging Markets
July 2000 Managing International Credit & Collections International Pro Shows How to Protest to Get Paid in Latin America
July 2000 Managing Logistics 8 Best Practice Tips on Building Supplier Partnerships
July 2000 Managing Exports Global Branding-Five Steps to Export Success
June 2000 Managing Exports 10 Tips on How to Negotiate Under New OSRA Reforms
May 2000 Managing International Credit & Collections The Internet (and a Few Trailblazers) Change the International Credit Function
May 2000 Managing Exports How Corporate Trading Helps Exporters Protect The Bottom Line
May 2000 Managing International Credit & Collections 'Winding Up' Petitions Provide Alternative Collection Approach
March 2000 Managing International Credit & Collections 7 Aggressive Tactics to Keep International Accounts Paying in Full & on Time
March 2000 Managing Exports Services Help You Minimize Cost of Moving Empty TEUs
February 2000 Managing Exports 'Best Practices' for Handling Your Export Letters of Credit
February 2000 Managing International Credit & Collections Trade Payment Wizards on the Internet Simplify International B-to-B Transactions
May 1999 Managing International Credit & Collections Countertrade Offers an Attractive Option When Selling Into LDCs

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