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Associations and Member Based Organizations

Membership Requirements:

Membership in FITA is complimentary- All membership fees and dues are waived.

We ask that you fulfill the following membership requirements:

Benefits for FITA Associations

  • Complimentary Publications
  • Reduce the Risks of Running your Association
  • Reduce the Costs of Running your Association
  • Earn Non-Dues Revenue
    • Job Board - FITA Career Headquarters - Compliance & internationally focused jobs (US and abroad)
      FITA & Boxwood will develop a customized Job Board for You Associations at no cost and with little maintenance!
      Your Members post resumes online at no charge
      Employers advertise Job Openings
      Realize Non-dues revenue opportunity for jobs posted through your branded site
      ALL participating Member Associations link their Job Boards to the FITA Career HQ Network - creating instant scale
    • FITA-Tel-Net Choices Telecom Program - Earn 1%in Rewards - Earn non-dues revenue when your association or your members sign up for FITA-Tel-Net Choices services AND receive special rates and rewards (1% back in rewards, additional discounts or hardware). Choose from wireless, wireline or one of Tel-Net Choices, Inc's management and/or cost recovery services such as ManageTel, a Wireless Management Tool that helps you aggressively manage your wireless assets. TelNet Choices can meet your every telecom need.
  • Travel Services
    • MEDJET Assist  Worldwide Medical Air Transport And Consultant  - FITA special price.
      eBrochure Link:
      MedjetAssist - Just peace of mind each and ever time you travel. If you travel (domestic or abroad) or if you have college students, this membership program is a must have! MedjetAssist is an air medical evacuation and repatriation membership program that offers its members medical transportation back to the hospital of their choice should they become hospitalized, domestically or internationally, more than 150 miles from their primary residence.MedjetAssist is a membership program, not a health insurance plan or travel insurance plan. As a membership program, it offers more and better services.and better value. Unlike the competition, MedjetAssist provides members with medical evacuation and repatriation services both worldwide and domestically. Members get to choose if they want to fly to their home hospital or any other hospital of their choice through MedjetAssists network of authorized affiliates. And there are no additional costs to worry about and no limits on total medical evacuation expenses. Learn more and enroll here at
  • Seminars and Outreach
  • Resources
  • Shipping
    • MCG Logistics - MCG Logistics is a global leader in parcel and heavyweight freight audit and logistics warehousing services, specializing in reducing freight and parcel costs for our customers. Our combined 75+ years of industry experience working with large volume shippers as freight contract and pricing negotiators, provides us with the unique ability for creating and streamlining supply chain management solutions with the overall objective of reducing costs.
  • Trade Lead Services
How to Join
  • Eligibility = Associations or member based organizations whose mission, wholly or in part, is to foster and/or support international trade.
  • All membership fees and dues are waived. We ask that you fulfill the membership requirements listed above.
  • Your members are considered FITA members and are also eligible for benefits.
  • FITA regularly promotes the benefits of joining a FITA Member Association.

    To request membership in FITA send an email to with your:
    • Association Name, Address, phone, fax, website, general email
    • Name of Primary Contact person, title, email address & phone#
    • Name of President or Executive Director, title, email & phone#

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