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Interfax Reports Discount

July 24, 2000

Dear Pennsylvania-Russia Business Council Members:

With Pleasure, I announce the completion of an agreement between the Pennsylvania-Russia Business Council and the Interfax News Agency. Interfax is the largest private news agency in the Former Soviet Union and is known, worldwide, for being the most reliable source of news and information for that region.

Exclusive Discount for Council Members:

Interfax will offer all Pennsylvania-Russia Business Council Members, who are not current subscribers, a 25% discount on a subscription to any of our 30+ different daily and weekly reports from the Former Soviet Union. Interfax reports are transmitted via e-mail, snail mail, fax, Bloomberg Financial Terminals, and online via www.Interfax-news.com (with password).

Interfax Daily and Weekly Reports covering the Former Soviet Union:



CIS News Brief


Mining & Metals

News Bulletin


Banking & Finance



Communications & Electronics


Food & Agriculture

Business Law




Poland Business

Statistical Report

Russian Company News

Hungary Business

Eurasian Business

Ukraine Business

Czech Business

Poland Business

Central Asia & Caucasus Business

Ukraine News

Hungary Business

Czech & Slovakia Business

Central Asia News

Presidential Bulletin

Diplomatic Panorama

If you need timely, reliable, and industry-specific news on Russia, the CIS and Baltic countries, then you should take advantage of this exclusive offer. To receive FREE SAMPLES please contact Peter KIRN, Director of Marketing, at Interfax’s North American Headquarters:

PHONE (303) 825-1510
FAX (303) 825-1513
E-MAIL Peter@Interfax-news.com

Interfax looks forward to working with you and we thank you for your continued support of the Pennsylvania-Russia Business Council.

Best Regards,

Peter KIRN
Director of Marketing

Cultivating Economic and Cultural Partnerships
between the U.S. Mid-Atlantic States and Russia