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Exclusive pre-Oscar Screening of His Wife’s Diary

December 18, 2000

Dear Sir or Madam:

As you may have heard, our Inaugural Philadelphia Festival of Russian Films which premiered November 1st and 2nd was a great success! His Wife’s Diary played to a sold out house! And not only have we received many enthusiastic compliments on both The Captain's Daughter and His Wife's Diary but I am also pleased to convey to you the Filmmakers’ Delegation’s praise for this event.

NFRF2.jpg (5k)
Scene from His Wife's Diary

During an interview with the Voice of America on the following Friday, November 3rd the head of the Russian Film Makers delegation, First Deputy Chairman of the Russian Film Makers Union, Mr. Dmitri Piorunski, as well as the film directors (Mr. Alexei Uchitel and Mr. Alexander Proshkin) spoke warmly of their reception in Philadelphia and praised the Festival’s professional organization. Plus, Mr. Piorunsky, in his presentation that same day at the Russian Embassy in Washington D.C. expressed his appreciation for the friendly atmosphere he enjoyed in Philadelphia specifically mentioning the hospitality and professional efforts of the Pennsylvania-Russia Business Council. As a result of the Delegation’s positive experiences with us, we have received assurances that Philadelphia is definitely on the map for the 2001 Russian film festival.

But even before 2001 we have a new development to bring to your attention: Philadelphia is to be the only East Coast site for a promotional Oscar screening of His Wife's Diary!

I am happy to take this opportunity to announce the return of His Wife’s Diary to Philadelphia for an exclusive, pre-Oscar screening.

His Wife’s Diary has received the Russian nomination for this year’s Oscar competition. As a direct result of his positive impression of our efforts, and upon becoming aware of the greater Philadelphia region’s highly regarded network of university film scholars and production experts, the film’s director, Mr. Alexei Uchitel, has decided to present an additional Oscar promotional screening not only in Los Angeles, but also in Philadelphia.

Members of the film and professional community active in the Oscar screening process will be invited to attend.

I would also like to extend an invitation to you to come and join us at this screening for what is certain to be a very exciting occasion. The screening will take place at the Prince Music Theater, Chestnut and Broad Streets in Philadelphia on January 23, 2001.

For the most recent information concerning the screening location, date and time please visit our web site at www.fita.org/prbc or contact us directly at (215) 963-7079.

I hope you will be able to reserve a place on your calendar for this very special event!


Val Kogan

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