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The Small Towns of Russia

Ambassador of the Russian Federation Yuri V. Ushakov

has the pleasure to invite you

to a roundtable discussion and a working luncheon on the occasion of

The Small Towns of Russia Festival

on Wednesday, June 13 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


This event, cosponsored by the Soros Foundation’s Open Society Institute, provides an opportunity to interact with the mayors of several Russian small towns (Puchezh, Gus Khrustalny, Kirilov, Mariinsky Posad, Krasnoarmeysk, Uryupinsk, Suzdal and Myshkin). The roundtable program includes panel discussions on municipal development and presentation of business opportunities in Russia.


The Embassy of the Russian Federation

2650 Wisconsin Ave., N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20007







Alexander Klimov - Head of Administration, Putchezh district (Ivanovo region)


Nikolai Dyakov - Head of self-government, Kirilov municipal district (Vologda region)


Yuriy Sholin - Head of Administration, Mariinskiy Posad City (Chuvashia Republic)


Vitaliy Pasheneev - Head of Administration, Krasnoarmeisk City (Moscow region)


Valeriy Sushko - Head of Administration, Uryupinsk City (Volgograd region)


Alexander Illarionov - Head of Administration, Suzdal City (Vladimir region)


Ivan Gerasimov - Head of Administration, Myshkin City (Yaroslavl region)


Boris Karcev - Deputy Head of Administration, Gus-Khrustalnyi City (Vladimir region)


Valentina Kushmanceva - Director, "Istoki" factory, Putchezh City (Ivanovo region)


Vladimir Chirkin - Director, Arts Studio of Kholui City




For more information please contact Val Kogan, PRBC President at phone: (215) 708-2628,

email: prbc@att.net or visit the PRBC website at: http://fita.org/prbc.

      Krasnoarmeysk, Moskovskaya oblast

      Krasnoarmeysk is one of the scientific research centers of the Russian military complex. Main specialization - defense industries. There are various facilities to conduct researches with chemical and explosive materials, utilize the old military equipement and ammunition. There is a well equiped firing field near the city that allows to run the experiments of the new types of rifle, artillery and aviation weapons.

      Other high-tech industries include pharmacology, production of technical spirits and denaturats, emergency resque and repair equipement, various mechanisms and materials to cure the disabled people, new construction materials.


Mishkin, Yaroslavskaya oblast

Mishkin is a small town-museum situated on the picturesque banks of the Volga river among the pine forests. There is no industrial zone in the town, which is one of the tourist centers of the “Golden Ring of Russia”. Due to its’ history the tourist attendance is growing 1,5-2 times every year.

The other main industries are concentrated around agricultural and bakery factories. There is also production of oil and gas main pipelines (the leading company “Severgazprom”).


Suzdal, Vladimirskaya oblast

Suzdal is a unique center of Russian culture and tourism, which is situated in the center of Western Russia, not far from major cities (Moscow, Vladimir, Ivanovo). The city has a long history and a well developed network of hotels and campings, restaurants and cafes, recreational facilities for people of any age. Its’ 13-18 centuries kremlin, churches and monasteries, as well as 300 architectural monuments and museums, can hold more than three thousand people at the same time, making it one of most tourist crowded cities of the Old Russia and the “Golden Ring of Russia”.

There are no unhealty or harmful to the ecology industries in the city and in the suburbs. The local souvenir industry and domestic crafts - another profitable sphere in Russia - are growing fast.


      Goos-Khrustalniy, Vladimirskaya oblast

Goos-Khrustalniy is an industrial city with a specialization - glass (window, watch, plate, magnifying lens, wind-screen, etc). The nine glass factories produce all sort of crystal including works of art and high-tech materials. The Goos-Khrustalniy glass is wellknown in Russia and far abroad.

Other industries presented in the area are chemical, constructing, texile and mashinery.

The city is part of the tourist “Golden Ring of Russia” and has different glass and national history museums. The geografical position, natural landscape, ecology and National Park “Meshera” annualy attract thousands of tourists.


Kholuii, Ivanovskaya oblast

Kholuii has been famous for centuries for its’ beautiful lakes (more than 80) with rare inhabitants and ecology friendly climate.

The economy of the town is based on textile, sewing, forest, woodworking, agricultural, domestic crafts industries. Since the 17th century Kholuii is well known as one of the centers of the Russian icon-painting and traditional Russian lacquer painting. The production industries, especially woodworking and bakery, are growing now and attract most of the investment of the region.


Puchezh, Ivanovskaya oblast

The main industries of the region: woodworking (production of all sorts of wood materials); linen (the unique Puchezh embroidery has no analogs in Russia and in the world); milk farming and fishing (the fields and forests near the Volga river provide the town inhabitants with all the resources needed).

The forests around the town are rich with all type of wood and are a fine place for ecology tourism, fishing, hunting and camping.


Kirillov, Volgogradskaya oblast

Kirillov is a center of agricultural region of the Soutern Russia, has a broad network of produce processing industries and all types of farming. There also a few woodworking factories and crafts in the town area.

Kirillov’s beautiful nature and picturesque landscapes, old Russian architecture and national museums and, especially, its’ ecology make it very attractive for tourism.


      Urupinsk, Volgogradskaya oblast

      Urupinsk is a developed industrial center with the agricultural mashinery industry (harvesters), light industry (knitted fabrics) and various loading equipement (including big cranes) and packing factories (the well known “Khoperskaya Upakovka”is located in the area).

One of the main industry of this ecologicaly clean town is goat farming and goat leather production. There are also agricultural processing factories in the region, which specialize mainly on beef, oil and butter production.


Mariinskiy Posad, Republic of Chuvashia

      Mariinskiy Posad is situated in the oak forests, in the region with rich flora and fauna. There are many rare animals, birds and plants in the natural parks and reservations which attact crowds of visitors every year.

      The town has eleven processing, mechanical enginering and constructing factories. The production of local as well as Russian domestic crafts are popular among numerous tourists.

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