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Fellowship Factsheet
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You are cordially invited, together with a very select group of business and civic leaders, to a roundtable on September 24, 2001 with 18 Russian business and civic leaders sponsored by the Eisenhower Exchange Fellowships (EEF) and the Pennsylvania-Russia Business Council (PRBC). The roundtable will be the opening event for these 18 Russian leaders’ three month visit to the United States as Eisenhower Fellows. Enclosed is information explaining the Eisenhower Exchange Fellowship program. EEF selected these 18 individuals based upon their achievements and demonstrated leadership in various facets of Russian business and culture. These exceptional senior level professionals represent a new generation of leaders committed to positive change in their country.


For example, our Russian guests include the 33 year old President and Chief Executive Officer of Russia’s first investment bank who is a co-recipient of the American Chamber of Commerce’s Businessman of the Year Award for his significant contribution to business in Russia and commitment to the highest standards of business ethics. Another visitor is a highly decorated former cosmonaut who has turned his technical expertise to managing one of Russia’s largest defense production plants, refocusing its priorities on new technologies and efficient marketing. Other participants include leaders in Russian environmental groups, arts and cultural organizations, communications industry, higher education and international trade.


Your participation in welcoming this outstanding group to America would be greatly appreciated. The roundtable will be held at the law offices of Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis on September 24th beginning at 4:00 p.m. In addition to welcoming remarks from Congressman Curt Weldon, Co-Chairman of the U.S. Congress - Russian Duma Working Group, the program will also include brief remarks by selected invitees, and an opportunity to individually meet and converse with these emerging Russian leaders.


Date: September 24, 2001

Time: 4-6:00 P.M. (roundtable), 6-7:00 P.M. (reception)

Location: main conference room of the law offices of Schnader, Harrison, Segal & Lewis, LLP, 38th floor, 1735 Market Street

By invitation only


Please let us know by calling me at (215) 708-2628 or email: prbc@att.net as soon as possible, but in any event, no later than September 10th, if you can join us for this unique program.




Val Kogan

PRBC President





Date: September 24, 2001

Time: 4-6 P.M. (roundtable), 6-7:00 P.M. (reception)

Location: main conference room of the law offices of Schnader, Harrison, Segal & Lewis, LLP, 38th floor, 1735 Market Street

Type of Event: Roundtable (Panel discussion) and Reception

Topics: business, media issues concerns, education, art

Business topics include:
Business challenges
Obstacles encountered
regulatory frameworks
Banking regulations

Art and culture
How to integrate art appreciation in all classes of society
Institutional problems encountered: Fund raising events





Eisenhower Exchange Fellowships is a private, non-profit, non-partisan organization created by a group of prominent American citizens to honor then President Dwight D. Eisenhower for his contribution to human­ity as a soldier, statesman and world leader.



Eisenhower Exchange Fellowships seeks to foster international understanding and productivity through the exchange of information, ideas, and perspectives among emerging leaders throughout the world.



Since 1953 Eisenhower Exchange Fellowships has identified men and women well on their way to posi­tions of regional or national leadership and provided them with opportunities for professional, intellectual and personal growth.


Each Eisenhower Fellow pursues an individualized national itinerary of visits and consultations with lead­ers in his or her field, aimed at specific professional insights and contacts and a broadened international perspective. Those who meet with Eisenhower Fellows gain a valuable international perspective on their field and operations.


The three annual EEF programs:

  • The Multi Nation Program brings 25 Fellows from 25 countries to the USA each spring;
  • The Single Nation or Single Area Program includes 15 to 20 Fellows representing a variety of professions from a single country or area;
  • The USA program sends Americans abroad to countries where their fields can be enriched by the persons, organizations, and institutions encountered there.


Eisenhower Exchange Fellowships has built a global network of broad-visioned and highly committed lead­ers in diverse and critical fields. Eisenhower Fellows regularly attain higher positions after their fellowships. They have become national legislators,

p­rovincial governors, university presidents, and they lead corpo­rations and non-profit organizations.



Men and women of outstanding achievement, at mid-career, who are expected to assume positions of na­tional influence...in fields judged by their countrymen to be of paramount importance to the country’s future development...who value the potential of international networking.



EEF is a network of powerful men and women work­ing together for world peace and development.


The network numbers 1300 Fellows from 100 coun­tries. Currently two Eisenhower Fellows are heads of government; over 90 Fellows have served at the cabinet level or above. More than 220 have become CEOs. They regularly consult with other Fellows and with other members of the Eisenhower network.



Funds come primarily from globally active and aware corporations that value Eisenhower Fellows’ perspec­tives on trends and conditions. EEF also receives funds from individuals, income from a federal trust fund and, for specific programs, foundations.



International leaders in business and public affairs constitute EEF’s board.

Chairman: Dr. Henry A. Kissinger

President: Ambassador Adrian A. Basora





The following 18 individuals (in alphabetical order) will participate in the 2001 Russia SNP:




Krasnodar Business Development Agency

Krasnodar Kray Region


A highly-regarded leader of the business community in Krasnodar, Ms. Andreeva, 48, has brought Russian and international businesses and investors to this critical region and coordinated bilateral and multilateral agreements with Black Sea and European countries. With an orientation to results and successes including the launch of one of Russia’s first centers for technology transfer and small business development, Ms. Andreeva has built consensus among government agencies, private businesses, and communities in support of sustainable, transparent development policies. Eighteen months ago Ms. Andreeva was appointed, as the representative of then-acting President Vladimir Putin, to the Krasnodar Kray Electoral Commission, and she has recently been asked by the national government to prepare a regional economic development plan. On her Eisenhower fellowship she will focus on regional, state, and local economic initiatives, including their role in the globalization of trade and industry.



Campaign Director

Greenpeace Russia



Mr. Blokov, 40, is an indefatigable and effective mobilizer and organizer of stakeholders and change makers in the Russian environmental movement. His achievements are diverse and high-impact: he has argued successfully in crucial trial proceedings, lobbied successfully for UNESCO’s inclusion of Russian regional forests in the organizations World Heritage, and led a nation-wide referendum on nuclear disposal facilities. In support of environmental goals initially dismissed as secondary to industrial development, Mr. Blokov has brought on board regional and national non-governmental organizations, government officials, political parties, and the media. An Eisenhower fellowship will permit Mr. Blokov to hone his skills in uniting diverse stakeholders in the interests of a sustainable future, and will enable him to create long-term partnerships with like-minded U.S. organizations.


Sergey BOEV

Deputy Director

Engineering Facility

The Federal Center of Dual Use Technologies

Moscow Region


This highly-accomplished 39-year-old manages one of Russia’s largest defense production plants. As he refocuses priorities on new technologies and efficient marketing, Mr. Boev is committed to restructuring research and development to dual use production output. Well-positioned to seek more lucrative positions in less problematic industries, Mr. Boev has, instead, elected to tackle the difficult challenges of a key economic sector in transition. He sees the relation of these challenges to comprehensive reform of the Russian economy and has the leadership qualities to play a key role in progress toward an overall market orientation. As an Eisenhower Fellow, Mr. Boev will meet with U.S. leaders who have successfully reorganized and restructured outmoded industrial facilities to new technologies production.



Vice Rector for International Relations

Kazan State University

Republic of Tatarstan


A member of an elite group of experts advising the Vice Minister of Education, this 46-year-old educator is renowned throughout Russia for his innovative and progressive approaches to higher education management. Dr. Knyazev is the head of international relations for a leading state university and the founder of a network of regional university centers for international cooperation. Dr. Knyazev is passionate about the potential of Russia’s higher education system to play a decisive role in rebuilding and reforming Russia’s transitional economy; with his expertise in applying strategic management principles and practices to university systems, he will play a leadership role in this transformation. On his Eisenhower fellowship, Dr. Knyazev will explore approaches to improving the caliber and skills of university administrators, and he will look at how leading research universities adapt to the volatility of the global economy.



Deputy Minister of Foreign Economic Relations

Sverdlovsk Region


As Deputy Minister for International and Foreign Economic Relations of the highly industrialized Sverdlovsk region, Dr. Koksharov, 36, is directly responsible for economic cooperation with foreign countries, multinational corporations, and international organizations. He is also responsible for all interactions – diplomatic and otherwise – between his region and the United States. His department is responsible for the development of strategic programs to encourage international economic relationships and direct foreign investment in Sverdlovsk, which consists of a traditional manufacturing base as well as high-tech start-up companies. The U.S. is the #1 trading partner of the Sverdlovsk region and, with this in mind, Dr. Koksharov intends to use his fellowship to deepen his understanding of U.S. approaches to conducting and promoting business with foreign countries. In addition, as a professor of contemporary history and U.S.-Russia relations, he will visit universities and institutes to exchange ideas with his American counterparts.



Executive Director

St. Petersburg Pro Arte Institute

St. Petersburg


Based in St. Petersburg, this remarkable arts administrator and cultural champion is developing new directions in the arts while protecting Russia’s arts and cultural heritage. Ms. Kolovskaya, 41, is extraordinarily innovative and resourceful in identifying and addressing the needs of the Russian arts community, both locally and nationally. Her most recent major project has been the creation of a state-of-the-art contemporary arts center in St. Petersburg: the Pro Arte Center, which partners with institutions across the nation to promote 21st century art and culture. With her remarkable skill in mobilizing diverse communities, she organizes educational programs, exhibitions, and media projects, and her work has a multiplier effect through the many arts organizations she assists. In short, Ms. Kolovskaya is one of the very brightest lights on the Russian cultural scene. On her Eisenhower fellowship she will exchange with her U.S. counterparts on the management of arts and culture organizations and the opportunities presented by international collaboration.


Ekaterina KUBASOVA

Head of Corporate Strategy

Siberian Aluminum Company



This 35-year-old expert in corporate finance and restructuring has successfully negotiated major acquisitions and managed large capital investment projects for private and state-owned entities. Currently the Head of Corporate Strategy at one of the 10 largest industrial holdings in Eastern Europe, Ms. Kubasova previously oversaw strategy and compliance for Russia’s leading producers of energy, aircraft, and automobiles as Deputy Head of Corporate Finance at a leading investment bank. As Executive Director of the Russian Women’s Microfinance Network, she has established a high-impact system to get small business loans to low-income women. On her Eisenhower fellowship, Ms. Kubasova will explore the interrelationships among the securities markets, regulatory bodies, and investors; the operational principles and practices of self-regulatory organizations on the securities market; and collaborations with international women’s organizations. She looks forward to meeting successful women in politics and business, for ideas and inspiration to shape the economic-political climate for women in Russia.



Deputy Director

Working Center for Economic Reform

Government of the Russian Federation



At the head of the leading analytical body of the Russian Federation Government, Mr. Kuznetsov, 30, is a chief economic policy advisor to the Prime Minister. A nationally known expert on public finance, macroeconomics, deregulation, industrial restructuring and corporate governance, Mr. Kuznetsov is drafting the economic policy section of the AStrategy Plan for Russia 2010", the working document which will set the course for nation-wide economic reform. Mr. Kuznetsov also serves on several government committees, including tax reform. With a background in journalism, Mr. Kuznetsov has published over 70 articles in leading journals and newspapers. On his Eisenhower fellowship he will meet with experts in public finance and administration on the national, state, and local levels to investigate processes to institute a democratic economic function. He is also interested in an exchange of perspectives on Russia-U.S. relations, in the context of the transitions currently underway in Russia.




Former Deputy Editor

Itogi News Magazine



Up to the April 2001forced dissolution of the independent news group Media-Most, Ms. Lipman, 48, was deputy editor of Itogi News Magazine, one of the group’s flagship publications. Through her continuing contributions to a wide range of media, Ms. Lipman shapes public opinion on issues crucial to Russia’s political and economic future. Beyond her domestic impact, Ms. Lipman’s international experience and visibility are extensive: she has a monthly column in the Washington Post and has contributed to ABC, NBC, National Public Radio, Voice of America, the BBC, and several major international newspapers. Ms. Lipman will use her fellowship experience to intensively research the operations of the American media, including the relationship between editors and publishers. In meetings with American policymakers, academics, pollsters, and journalists, she will gain a comprehensive frame of reference for her writings on American culture and politics.


Mikhail TITENKO 


Don Region Center for Political Technologies



Dr. Titenko, 47, is chairman of the Rostov regional organization of “Democratic Choice of Russia”, a political party dedicated to democratic and market-oriented reforms. Out of his and his colleagues’ twin commitments to qualified political candidates and fair elections, Dr. Titenko founded the Don Region Center for Political Technologies - to monitor the political situation in the region, to advise democratic organizations and candidates on campaigning, elections, and public service, and to establish international liaisons - all aimed at bringing open and unbiased elections and equal representation to the citizens of this important region. Dr. Titenko, whose background includes twenty years as a microbiologist working in the front-lines of epidemics across Russia, is keenly aware of the realities of life throughout his country and the crucial need for vehicles for participatory democracy. With the aim of forming a cohesive government that functions effectively on the local, regional and central levels, Dr. Titenko will investigate the working relationship between the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the U.S. government, the role of NGOs, and modern election techniques, including means to eliminate fraud.




Curative Pedagogical Center



Mr. Tsarov, 39, is a courageous leader in an area of critical importance: the rights of the mentally disabled and their productive and humane integration into society. As founder and headmaster of the Curative Pedagogical Center (CPC), Mr. Tsarov has shaped one of the country’s only specialized facilities for disabled children. His moral integrity and effectiveness have focused the community’s attention and resources on a critically under-served population. Home to children of six to eighteen years, the CPC provides students with individualized developmental plans encompassing education, training, and counseling. The Center also offers extensive services to its alumni, thus providing critical ongoing support for their full integration into society. The quality and range of CPC’s programs and its record of success rival that of its European counterparts - an extraordinary and inspiring accomplishment, especially in view of the lack of national support and attention to the plight of the mentally disabled. On his fellowship Mr. Tsarov will network with U.S. experts in social services, child development, special education, and juvenile counseling.



Zone Operations Director

Otis Elevators



Mr. Vichnyakov, 31, heads up financial and management systems for 40 locations and 3,000 employees nationwide. He has been central to the successful campaign to re-structure this widely-dispersed enterprise for maximum and sustainable growth, putting in place strategic approaches to address what he terms “old mentality, inefficient legal and tax systems, and lack of infrastructure”. An organizational leader skilled at building efficient, results-oriented teams, Mr. Vichnyakov is committed to developing personnel as he grows the business. Mr. Vichnyakov has an ambitious design for his Eisenhower fellowship, including a study of the planning and financing of municipal infrastructure systems, the impact of e-commerce on the construction industry, and “change management” in U.S. business. He is also interested in exploring U.S. housing infrastructure, including our lending/mortgage systems.



Managing Partner

Executive Search

Club 2015



At the head of the country’s leading executive search firm, serving major Russian and multinational corporations, Mr. Vorobiev, 36, is revolutionizing the philosophy and practice of qualifying and placing senior-level executives. With transparency, competition, and quality the cornerstones of his work - critical to the development of modern and efficient business practices in Russia - Mr. Vorobiev has built one of the country’s most successful businesses, with offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, New York and London. His leadership is evidenced by his election as Co-Chairman of Club 2015, an exclusive association of business leaders committed to outlining and implementing a vision of Russia’s future, wherein, according to Mr.Vorobiev, “our children will be able and willing to live and work in our country and still be successful without changing our human or ethical values”. Mr. Vorobiev will use his fellowship to exchange perspectives with U.S. business leaders on the self-transformation of “old economy” companies to meet new challenges and opportunities; how Anatural monopolies in utilities and telecommunications are reorganizing; and how “new economy” industries are managing themselves internally.



Vice Rector for International Collaboration

Mari State University

Director, Russian-American Centre

Republic of Mari El


Dr. Andrey Yarygin, 43, has devoted his career to creating vehicles for international understanding and educational cooperation. As founder and director of the Russian-American Center for the Republic of Mari El, Dr. Yarygin has established long-term exchanges between the four universities in this important region and the U.S. educational and scientific communities; as a result, the Center has been officially recognized by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and the U.S. Embassy in Moscow for its key role in fostering ongoing cooperation. As Vice Rector for International Collaboration at highly-prestigious

Mari State University, Dr. Yarygin has adapted many innovative educational concepts from the U.S. and other countries and effectively applied them in his curriculum and management reform. As an Eisenhower Fellow, Dr. Yarygin will meet with leaders of U.S. educational institutions, cultural organizations and foundations to discuss a variety of issues pertaining to international exchange.



Vice Rector for International Affairs

Kaliningrad State University



Dr. Zabotkina, 49, leads educational reform in Kaliningrad, a unique region separated from the rest of Russia by neighboring countries Poland and Lithuania. Dr. Zabotkina views international collaboration as key to the quality and vision of higher education in Russia. Under her leadership, Kaliningrad State University has established 28 highly productive collaborations with major universities in eastern and western Europe. Dr. Zabotkina currently heads a multi-year project to introduce European methodologies to Kaliningrad’s economics and law curricula; another of her ambitious strategic projects is aimed at increasing access to higher education for Russian minorities in the Republics of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Dr. Zabotkina also heads the English department at Kaliningrad State University, and she is widely-recognized for her linguistic research and teaching. On her fellowship Dr. Zabotkina will explore joint projects with leading U.S. universities; best practices in U.S. university management; and the interplay of higher education opportunity, employment, and democracy.



Vice President and Director

Center for Russian Environmental Policy



One of Russia’s most prominent environmental activists, Dr. Zakharov, 48, has focused his resources on national environmental policy. His outstanding achievements in formulating policy on sustainable development have won him wide recognition; this, combined with his zeal for building a civil society in Russia, underscores his success in building a national network of non-governmental organizations, government agencies, and scientific communities. As editor-in-chief of one of Russia’s leading environmental publications, “Towards a Sustainable Russia”, and as a member of the Interagency Commission of the National Security Council of the Russian Federation on Ecological Security, Dr. Zakharov is bringing region-specific issues to national attention. Dr. Zakharov will use his Eisenhower fellowship to confer with U.S. leaders on key issues of sustainable development and a civil society.



Chairman, Novorossiysk Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Novorossiysk, Krasnodar region


Creator and chairman of the independent, voluntary Novorossiysk Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Zharinov, 43, believes passionately in the need for modern, reliable, and responsive business and trade infrastructure. He is actively involved in the formulation and implementation of enlightened laws impacting business and trade, and, through the Chamber, he has developed and propagated standards for personnel development throughout the region. His programs for tailoring worker training to employer needs has increased production and cut costs locally and regionally. On his fellowship Mr. Zharinov will explore how states and cities promote business, including the role and organization of chambers of commerce, and he will look at leading training and employment initiatives in the public and private sectors. He looks forward to visiting companies engaged in operations through the port of Novorossiysk, including oil companies.


For more information please contact Val Kogan, PRBC President at phone: (215) 708-2628, email: prbc@att.net, visit the PRBC website at: http://fita.org/prbc

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