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Tools of Trade Mini-Portal

This section of the International Trade/Import-Export Portal links to important tools used in international trade.
The Directory of Interational Trade Service Providers, Market Reports, Experts' Views and more.

Getting Started in Importing or Exporting?
Tips and resources for starting up in international trade

International Trade Training
Links to training programs in international trade

U.S. Department of Commerce Commercial Service Export Decision Tree
Links to services of the U.S. Department of Commerce's U.S. Commercial Service that can be used in the process of starting and maintaining export marketing activities.

E-Commerce Toolbox
Information and resources the U.S. Department of Commerce and other U.S. government agencies offer to U.S. businesses interested in using the Internet to increase exports.

Trading Across Borders
A report and resources from the World Bank that explains in detail the precedures of importing and exporting. Import/Export
Links to extensive U.S. government resources that will help you start up a business in import or export.

Export Readiness Assessment
Web-based self-test of a company's export readiness. It is designed for:

  • Companies that see exporting as a possible new or expanded activity but are uncertain about their export potential or prospects.
  • Export counselors who need a fast, user-friendly way to "qualify" new clients for export assistance.

International Trade News
Real-tme newsfeeds about global trade

Transportation & Logistics
Transportation directories, freight rate inquires, supply chain software and other logistics and transportation resources.

Trade Finance & Currencies
Resources for international trade finance, including letters of credit, banks, trade finance companies, currency issues and other finance issues.

Links to websites that generate trade documents, provide document templates, integrate documents into supply chain software systems. Also links to documentation glossaries, international trade documentation training and trade finance documentation.

Trade Software
Software that is used for managing international trade enterprises, tracking shipments, calculating landed costs and many other functions.

Trade Glossaries

Maps and Geography

Weights and Measures

Trade Security

Trade Law


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