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FITA TradeDoX 360

Major benefits of FITA's TradeDoX 360

Major benefits of TradeDoX 360 include:

Exporter Advantages:

  1. Accelerates advice of LCs and amendments and virtually eliminates discrepancies.
  2. Reduces Errors - Minimizes costly data entry errors and discrepancies that can delay payments. (Single data entry for consistency in documents)
  3. Accuracy – Save templates to reuse data on consignees, trading partners, product line items, Schedule B coding, etc. Collaborate electronically using secure AES Encryption- you can email the documents directly to your freight forwarders, customs brokers or customers so they can start the clearance process a lot faster.
  4. Easy-to-Use - Wizard based interface. Enter and edit complete, detailed information about individual shipments and LCs You can duplicate similar shipments and save them as templates to decrease data entry and store a master list of products and shipping entities to ensure quick and exact entry.
  5. Faster processing - Avoid the usual mail and courier pick-up delays: Send shipping documents to your partners and logistics service providers with a few simple mouse clicks.

Importer Advantages:

  1. Allows the Importer to collaborate with the exporter in a structured way based on the exact Codes used by banks to open a LC.
  2. Generates the LC application from the Collaboration.
  3. Generate the SWIFT file that the bank can use to open the LC with the exact terms that the importer and exporter have agreed upon.
  4. Virtually eliminates the need for amendments and allows exporter to ship goods a lot faster.

Bank Advantages:

  1. Minimize personnel and staff cost that was needed to check client’s documents for discrepancies and errors.
  2. Receive clear cut LC applications with all terms and conditions spelled out.
  3. Receive an electronic file that can be imported directly into the SWIFT application to generate the LC.
  4. Facilitate customers – generate goodwill.

Freight Forwarders Advantages:

In today’s ever-changing commercial world, conventional means of business communication are not only time consuming; but also hindering to an organization’s competitiveness. The electronic transmission of documents therefore is increasingly necessary for efficient cross-border trade.

TradeDoX allows Freight Forwarders to receive, send and share shipping documents electronically to speed up the shipment process.

  • Simplified trade processes.
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Faster response time
  • Cost and time savings
  • Increased reliability of data

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