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Hello International Traders!

Mexico has free trade agreements with dozens of countries, and does billions of dollars worth of trade each year. It's a great market for your products, and I've got a site in this issue that will get you started researching trade with Mexican firms. Also, I found a site with nuts and bolts information about world airports -- practical information that travelers need. If you have business interests in Latin America, you'll find the site I profile in this issue very useful. Finally, I have a fun site that shows you the front pages of world newspapers.

If you'd like more information about international trade, go to FITA's International Trade/ Import-Export Portal ( ), an excellent source for trade leads, news, events, and a link library of 7,000 sites related to international trade.


Mexico has a trillion dollar economy that is firmly committed to international trade -- it has free trade agreements with over 40 countries, which account for more than 90 percent of its trade. The most recent trade figures show that Mexico is nearing the US $200 billion mark in both imports and exports. Clearly, this is a country with opportunities for international business. If you'd like to look into trade with Mexico, one good site to visit is the Mexico country profile at Austrade (,,0_S2-1_CLNTXID0019 -2_-3_PWB121370-4_-5_-6_-7_,00.html ), an Australian government site. Here you'll find lots of information about the economic and political climate, trade statistics, trade relations with other countries, business etiquette, tariffs, labor laws, setting up an office in Mexico, partnering with Mexican businesses, travel tips, contacts, and more.

And FITA's Global Trade Book Store has a many books about doing business in Mexico. Check out especially The Guide to Mexico for Business Doing Business With Mexico: A Practical Guide, Mexico (Culture Shock!) and Avoiding the Pitfalls of Operating a Business in Mexico: An Introduction to Doing Business....

The United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce chapters in the US are members of FITA. Their website at has excellent resources for doing business with Mexico. And also take a look at the websites of FITA members in Mexico: The American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico ( and the North American International Trade Corridor Partnership (

There are many more links to Mexico at the FITA site. Go to, click on Regional Resources and Multi-Lateral Trading Areas in the left column, then scroll down to North America and click on Mexico in the drop-down box. Or simply type "Mexico" in the search box at



There are lots of places online where you can book airline tickets, but you may want to know more about your destination than just the airport code on your ticket. It would be convenient to know, for instance, how many terminals the airport has, and if it's easy to get around them on foot. You can find out that information and lots more at World Airport Guide ( ). This handy site has airport guides for most of the world's major airports, and they're chock- full of useful information. You can find out driving directions to the airport, the long and short-term parking situation, phone numbers for the airport information and help desks, whether there are ATMs, post offices, disabled facilities, shops, restaurants, and much more. This site also has country and city guides, with lots of information about customs, holidays, passport/visa regulations, maps, the business environment, public health, and more.



Are you interested in career advancement opportunities? Are you looking for a career portal to serve you when you want to know of job opportunities - especially those with an international dimension - that advance your career? The best career portals provide those seeking career advancement with four key benefits:

  • Rich content-information that will help them manage their careers effectively and grow in their profession, craft, or trade;
  • Easy interaction-a way to communicate with their professional colleagues for learning, discussion, and debate;
  • Dedicated community-an online destination that is devoted to them and where they can associate comfortably with their peers;
  • Targeted opportunities-jobs that are relevant, providing them a way to advance their skills and knowledge in their field.

Where can you find such a career portal for international careers? Come and visit FITA Career HQ at Currently, over 500 job openings are posted - many requiring international skills. Membership is free; please log on now to take advantage of all the FITA Career HQ can offer you and your career. Active job seekers are also invited to post their resumes at no cost.



If you're interested in economic research about Latin America, you'll be happy to know that the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta has a new Americas Center ( ) that provides original Fed research and various links to external research on Latin American finance issues. Yes, it's a little dry, but it's useful information for people who want to see the big picture for Latin America. There are economic forecasts, plus the latest statistics and analysis by experts. For my readers, the best information will be found if you click on "Research" and then "Trade". The Americas Center also includes speeches and presentations on topics such as remittances, foreign banking and structural reform in Latin America.



Here's a fun site I spent a lot of time on today. Today's Front Pages ( ) has the front pages from 435 newspapers in 47 countries, and you can see each one by dragging your mouse across a map. You simply choose a continent, then allow a few seconds for the newspapers to load, then you drag your mouse across a map of the continent till you find the newspaper you're looking for. The front page will appear, and you can enlarge it or go directly to the newspaper's Web site to read that day's edition. It's a great way to see what stories a paper chooses to highlight each day, and compare it to the way other newspapers handle the same stories.


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