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Hello International Traders!

In this issue, I want to alert you to something new at the FITA website ( Actually, there's a lot that's new. The site has just had a major redesign, and there are many new features to explore. First, there are 90 country profiles (you can search in the drop-down box in the left column, or go to, and when you click on "Useful Links" in the box at the top of each profile, you'll see lots more information, including a news feed about that country. Other features of the country profiles are sections on market opportunities, doing business in each country, agriculture, the media in each country and much more! There's also a section called "Tools of Trade" ( ), which is loaded with links to maps, research information, logistics, trade finance, trade law, directories, books, and more. There's always a poll about trade issues on the FITA home page, there are market reports you can download, and -- well, you should visit the site and see for yourself what's available! I will devote the entire next issue to the FITA website, pointing out some new features you will definitely find to be "Really Useful!"

Speaking of sites, I have some other great ones in this issue. I have a site that will help you build your business in Indonesia, and another that's one of the best travel sites I've ever found. I've also got a site with links to a variety of in- depth trade research. Finally, I've got a site called Cool Tools that you have to see to believe -- it's got reviews of interesting and offbeat "tools" that you'll love.


The tsunami of last December took 237,000 lives and did billions of dollars worth of destruction in Indonesia, but this resilient island nation started rebuilding almost immediately. The Indonesian economy has pursued financial stability since the late '90s Asian financial crisis, and it is expected to maintain steady growth throughout this decade.

If you would like to research opportunities for trade with Indonesia, a good site to visit is the U.S. Commercial Service Indonesia Page ( ). Click on "Indonesia Is Back!" and you'll get a snapshot of the current state of Indonesia's economy, including a market overview, significant opportunities, best prospects for exporting to Indonesia, the most recent market research, tsunami relief efforts, and more. Click on "Doing Business in Indonesia" and you'll find information on Indonesian customs and business etiquette, transportation, money, transportation, and travel advisories, among other items. The site is oriented toward U.S. companies, but there's plenty of good information here no matter what country you're from.

FITA's Global Trade Book Store has an excellent book about doing business in Indonesia. Check out Succeed in Business: Indonesia.

The American Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and its California chapter are members of FITA. Their website has excellent resources for doing business with Indonesia.

Extensive information about Indonesia is now in the country profile on the FITA website at Check out the market overview, practical information, media information, other links and much more!



I love finding new research sources on the Net, so it warmed my heart when I found the California-Mexico Trade Assistance Center (CMTAC) Trade Information Database ( ). This is a wonderland of links to research, statistics, tips, tutorials, news, and resources about international trade. You'll find links to trade terminology, export/import guides, international standards, market reports, trade leads, logistics tools, foreign trade offices, and lots more. No matter what business you're in, or what country you're from, there's enough information here to keep you coming back for days.


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Similar to the automated features recruiters have come to expect from large commercial job boards, FITA Career Headquarters provides a comprehensive recruiting system and searchable resume database. The value-add for recruiters using FITA Career Headquarters, however, is that instead of searching through thousands of resumes and being flooded with applications from largely unqualified candidates, you and your human resources staff will have access to a smaller, yet more defined and qualified internationally-focused talent pool. And now 20 FITA member associations are also posting the FITA Career Headquarters' job listings on their own websites, so that your job postings reach a network of more than 20,000 additional trade professionals.

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Any questions please contact FITA Career Center Manager, Amanda Hall, at 703-707-8686, ext. 9560 or



If you're wondering which one of the many travel Web sites to use when you plan your next trip, you may want to start with Internet Travel Tips ( ). This site, by travel guru Bob Cowen, is a gateway to tons of free travel information on the Internet, and it has tips and comparisons to help you find the best site for your needs. Click on "Comparisons" at the top of the page, and you'll be able to compare prices for booking hotels, air fare, and car rentals. Click on "100 Most Useful Travel Sites" and you'll get a list of the best sites for air travel, restaurants, maps, cruises, long- distance phone connections, car rentals, discount deals, and much more. The "Travel Tips" section has lots of inside information about airline ticket pricing, hotel rates, and more.



You may think that a site named Cool Tools ( ) is for people who like to wear tool belts and remodel their basements for fun, but this site is more than that. Kevin Kelly, the site's creator and a former editor of Wired Magazine, has a very broad definition of "tool", which basically means anything that's "indispensable" to him. Scroll down the categories in the left column and you'll see what I mean. Kelly has reviews of products in categories like "Backpacking", "Culture", "Dwelling", "Edibles", "Inner Space", "Paper World", and "Visual Media", and these tools are interesting, creative, and fun. Some that I enjoyed are the barefoot shoes, the extreme pogo stick, and the igloo-building tool.



In the new FITA Career Headquarters job seekers can now apply for jobs online and post their resume--free of charge--in an exclusive database that will be searched by hundreds of industry employers seeking employees with international degrees and/or related work experience. A featured job this week is for a Licensed Customs Broker at Gonzalez Rolon Valdespino & Rodriguez Attorneys, a leading international law firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Click here to browse more than 700 other positions! And click here if you are an employer looking for uniquely qualified internationally-skilled staff.


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