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Hello International Traders!

Hong Kong's economy is growing steadily, and if you want to look for opportunities in this thriving market, I have just the site for you. Also, if you work in a small or medium-sized business, I've got a site in this issue with hands-on advice and resources for you. Looking for a site with detailed information about world economies? I have just what you're looking for in this issue. Finally, I have a site with maps and other resources for hundreds of subway systems all over the world.

And don't forget -- if you'd like more information about international trade, go to FITA's Really Useful Links ( ), which has a link library of more than 8,000 sites related to international trade.


Anyone who was worried that the bustling economy of Hong Kong would be stifled after it reverted to Chinese control in 1997 should take heart from the last few years. Hong Kong's per capita GDP is now comparable to the four biggest economies of Western Europe, and it is still a trade powerhouse -- in 2004 it had exports of US $268 billion and imports of US $275 billion.

If you'd like to research trade opportunities with Hong Kong, one good place to visit is the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) ( ). The HKTDC is the trade promotion arm of the Hong Kong government, so you know you'll find plenty of resources for trade there. Scroll down the page and you'll find links to economic statistics, market news, market profiles, trade show listings, laws and regulations, a business guide, trade leads, industry news, and much more. And look in your emailbox for a special message from them in the next 2 weeks about a new sourcing program.

Another good site is the U.S. Commercial Service Hong Kong page ( ). This site not only has information about Hong Kong, but also Macau and the Pearl River Delta, two other booming areas in the Chinese economy.

Another good resource is the Hong Kong Mini Portal ( ), one of the new features at the FITA site. There is an overview of Hong Kong, with facts about the language, currency, climate, etc., plus more specific information about the economy, markets, taxes, tips on doing business, and a search engine to help you find market research on the Internet. There's also a news feed with the latest Hong Kong news.

Click on "Useful Links" and you'll find a variety of sources for market research, trade leads, business directories, logistics, government contacts, travel, financing, and lots more.

The Hong Kong Mini Portal is one of many research gateways at the newly redesigned FITA site. To find Mini Portals for other regions or countries, just click on "Country Profiles" on the left navigation bar on the left of all pages on our website or click to

FITA's Global Trade Book Store has many excellent books about doing business in Russia. Check out Culture Shock!: Success Secrets to Maximize Business in Hong Kong and the Business Guide to Hong Kong. And the National U.S. Hong Kong Business Association (NUSHKBA), the Hong Kong Association of Southern California, Hong Kong Association of New York and the Hong Kong-Hawaii Chamber of Commerce are FITA member associations. Check out their websites for more resources about doing business with Hong Kong.



If you're a small business, you face a lot of challenges, especially if you want to get involved in world trade. Never fear, however: there are plenty of resources on the Web to help you. One that looks promising is SME Toolkit ( ). A project of the International Finance Corporation, the SME Toolkit offers free business management information and training for small businesses and small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The subjects covered are: Accounting and Finance, Business Planning, Human Resources (HR), Marketing and Sales, Operations, and Information Technology (IT). Within these categories there are many subcategories (look under Marketing & Sales for International Business). The SME Toolkit offers how-to articles, hundreds of business forms, free business software, online training, self-assessment exercises, quizzes, and resources to help entrepreneurs, business owners, and managers in emerging markets and developing countries grow their businesses.



FITA's business-to-business marketplace at helps your company find more business by delivering tender opportunities, RFQ's and qualified offers to buy and sell. The FITA Buy/Sell Exchange give you access to a global network of affiliated trade sites that work together to bring together businesses across borders.

Brian Napoli of The Shadigee Co.writes "Our business has increased since using [FITA's partner powering the Buy Sell Exchange] At first, we did not take advantage of everything your site offers. Then, we started posting offers, researching offers and requests. Since then our business has increased fivefold."

Click here to boost your trading with the FITA Buy/Sell Exchange, powered by



The really big accounting firms have clients in many countries, and since much of what they do involves consulting, they have to know each country's economy inside and out. There are several accounting firms that have put country reports on their Web sites, and one that seems very thorough is HLB International's "Doing Business In" series ( ). There are reports here on every country from Argentina to Vietnam, and they're very detailed indeed. You'll find an overview of the country, with information about its geography, population, political institutions, language and currency. Digging deeper, you'll find information about foreign investment (including relevant treaties and laws), labor matters, setting up a company, and taxation issues.



When I visited Paris in my youth, I was amazed at how clean and efficient the subway, or metro, system was. It was simply the cheapest and fastest way to get around Paris. There are hundreds of metro systems in cities around the world, with more being built all the time, and if you want to learn more about them, visit ( ). Just click on the region, country, and city you're interested in, and you'll find a detailed map of that city's metro system. Below the map you'll find links to more useful information, such as the history and background of the metro, schedules, other rapid transit systems in the area, books and videos, and more.



In the new FITA Career Headquarters job seekers can now apply for jobs online and post their resume--free of charge--in an exclusive database that will be searched by hundreds of industry employers seeking employees with international degrees and/or related work experience. A featured job this week is for Traffic Professional for BMIL International, Inc., international trading company located in New York City. Click here to browse more than 700 other positions! And click here if you are an employer looking for uniquely qualified internationally-skilled staff.


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