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Our Featured Country
Evaluate Political Risk for 162 Countries
International Trade Show Schedules and Resources
Microfinance Loans for Budding Entrepreneurs
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Hello International Traders!

I'm writing this issue on the anniversary of the tragedy of the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center, and I pray once again for peace and understanding in our world, so that events like those will never be repeated.

I have an important announcement from FITA. This newsletter, "Really Useful Sites for International Trade Professionals," is being offered for sale. FITA is making some organizational changes, and has decided to sell "Really Useful Sites." The newsletter has a circulation of over 90,000 highly educated, internationally minded readers, and has had proven success in attracting advertising. If you're interested, please contact Nelson Joyner, at for more details.

In this issue I profile Ireland, a small country with a growing economy, and I found a site that will help you achieve success in the Irish market. Also, I have a site where you can find the political risk rating of countries, which is a valuable tool in your research arsenal. You know that trade shows are important to your business, and I have a site where you can look up trade shows worldwide. Finally, I have a site where you can get involved in the world of microfinance -- lending money to small businesspeople in developing countries.

And don't forget -- if you'd like more information about international trade, go to FITA's Really Useful Links ( ), which has a link library of more than 8,000 sites related to international trade.

Our Featured Country

There was a time when Ireland was a poor, backward country, and millions of its people had to leave to find work. Those days are gone; Ireland today has a thriving, modern economy fueled by a vigorous trade sector. The Irish economy has been averaging six percent growth since 1995, and per capita GDP is second only to Luxembourg in the EU. You can learn more about business opportunities in Ireland at Ask Ireland ( ), an Irish government site. This simple, easy-to-use site has facts and statistics about the booming Irish economy, articles on a number of topics you can download, industry profiles, an events database, tourist information, a careers database, plus useful links to Irish government agencies, cultural organizations, Research & Development offices, and more.

You'll also find plenty of good research at the Ireland Mini Portal ( ), a feature of the FITA Web site. The Ireland Mini Portal has an overview of the country, with facts about the language, currency, climate, etc., plus more specific information about the economy, markets, taxes, labor market indicators, and tips on doing business in Ireland.

Click on "Useful Links" and you'll find a variety of sources for market research, trade leads, business directories, logistics, government contacts, travel, financing, and lots more.

The Ireland Mini Portal is one of many research gateways at the FITA site. To find Mini Portals for other regions or countries, just click on "Country Profiles" from within a Mini Portal, or at the FITA home page ( ).

FITA's Global Trade Book Store has some excellent books about doing business in Ireland. Check out Ireland: Land of Opportunity for Investment, Business, Residence, and Retirement, Culture Shock! Ireland: A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette and Ireland - Culture Smart!: a quick guide to customs and etiquette.

The Ireland Chamber of Commerce in the USA is a FITA member association. Their website offers more resources about doing business with Ireland. And click here to search the FITA Member Directory for links to FITA member associations' websites.


Evaluate Political Risk for 162 Countries

There are lots of emerging markets around the world, but before you make a commitment to one, you should visit the country analysis page at the World Bank's Political Risk Insurance Center ( ). This site has evaluations of the political risk for countries worldwide. Select a country, and you'll get a snapshot of that country's risk factors. There are ratings for the time it takes to start or close a business and resolve disputes, there's an "Investor Protection Index", plus links to case studies, articles, and news about that country. There are risk ratings from companies like Moody's, and risk assesment reports. This is a valuable tool for assessing the risk before you make a commitment.


900,000 companies from 35 countries.

Europages, the European Business Directory, is Europe's top professional business directory, comprised of 900,000 companies selected for their strength in import and export and related sectors of activity across 35 countries. is available in 26 languages: French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovenian, Turkish, Greek, Russian, Norwegian, Romanian, Estonian, Czech, Lithuanian, Latvian, Bulgarian, traditional and simplified Chinese, and Arabic.

Moreover, Europages benefits from a vast sales network of 30 local representatives in 25 countries. Click here for a quote and make your company visible to thousands of potential buyers from the core of the European trade industry!

Europages shareholders include three of Europe's leading Yellow Pages publishers: SEAT Pagine Gialle (Turin, Italy); Telefónica Publicidad e Información (Madrid, Spain); Deutsche Telekom Medien (Frankfurt, Germany). Europages employs approximately 80 people of 20 different nationalities, speaking 16 languages. Web site:


International Trade Show Schedules and Resources

Trade shows are an excellent way to keep up with what's new in your industry, expand your network, make contact with potential customers, and do some informal research, among other things. There are so many trade shows these days, though, that you need to pick and choose which ones you'll attend. ExpoDataBase ( ) can help you do this, because it allows you to search through a huge database of trade shows and find exactly which ones are right for you to attend. Just select a country and an industry, and in a flash you'll have a list of upcoming trade shows, with all the information you need. To make full use of this site you need a user name and password, but registration is free.


Microfinance Loans for Budding Entrepreneurs

I am happy to promote this next site, because I think it has enormous potential for good. Kiva ( ) is a site where you can get involved in the world of microfinance -- lending small sums of money to entrepreneurs in developing countries. You can read profiles and see pictures of the entrepreneurs on the Kiva site, as well as read their loan proposal and credit history. When you make a loan, Kiva takes whatever you pledge (it can be as little as $25) and funnels the money through reputable community-based agencies in the borrower's country, which then give the money to the borrower. When the borrower makes payments on the loan, you can follow his or her progress at the Kiva site, till eventually your loan is repaid. Since most of these borrowers would be unable to get a loan from a bank -- and they'd pay an exorbitant interest rate if they did -- you are helping them to improve their lives in a very practical way. This is a site where you can make a difference in someone's life halfway across the world, and that's a wonderful thing.


International Operations Import Specialist

In the FITA Career Headquarters job seekers can now apply for jobs online and post their resume--free of charge--in an exclusive database that will be searched by hundreds of industry employers seeking employees with international degrees and/or related work experience. Featured job this week is for Customs and International Trade Managers and Staff for Deloitte Tax LLP. Click here to browse more than 700 other positions!

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