Wednesday, January 21, 2009 Issue 205 Volume 9 Number 2  
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Our Featured Country
Quick Overviews of Countries
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Hello International Traders!

John McDonnell here, with more sites to help you succeed in global trade.

There are great opportunities for trade with Turkey, and I have a site in this issue that will help you take advantage of them. Want a snapshot of the business conditions in a country overseas? I have a site where you can get that snapshot. I also have a site where you can track news stories as they're covered all over the world. Finally, stay up to date on what people are talking about in social networks on the Internet, with the site I feature in this issue.

And don't forget -- if you'd like more information about international trade, go to FITA's Really Useful Links ( ), which has a link library of more than 8,000 sites related to international trade.

Our Featured Country

Turkey is the world's 17th largest economy in terms of GDP purchasing power parity, and it was in the top 25 for imports in 2007. Its economy has been on the upswing since 2001, and things are improving even more now that the Baku-Tblisi-Ceyhan pipeline has opened and is pumping one million barrels of oil a day to market. If this sounds like an attractive country for you to research, a good site to visit is the Undersecretariat of the Prime Ministry for Foreign Trade (, a Turkish government site. Here you'll find news & information about Turkish trade agreements, imports & exports, Turkey's relations with the European Union, trade regulations, statistics, free trade zones, the outlook for the future, a Turkish exporter's directory, useful links, and much more.

If that's not enough, you'll also find plenty of good research at the Turkey Mini Portal (, a feature of the FITA Web site. The Turkey Mini Portal has an overview of Turkey, with facts about the language, currency, climate, etc., plus more specific information about the economy, markets, taxes, labor market indicators, and tips on doing business in Turkey.

Click on "Useful Links" and you'll find a variety of sources for market research, trade leads, business directories, logistics, government contacts, travel, financing, and lots more.

The Turkey Mini Portal is one of many research gateways at the FITA site. To find Mini Portals for other regions or countries, just click on "Country Profiles" from within a Mini Portal, or at the FITA home page (

The following organizations are FITA member associations. Their sites offer more resources about doing business with Turkey:


Quick Overviews of Countries

Let's say you're thinking of looking into trade opportunities in South America. Before you focus on one country, you want to get a snapshot of what the business climate is like in various countries in the region. A good place to start your research is World Bank Business Environment Snapshots ( This site allows you to get a brief "snapshot" of a country, with information about its economic freedom, credit ratings, laws, political situation, ease of doing business, and the like. You can see rankings and data from several years, to get an idea of where the country is headed. You can also download reports written by experts that analyze various facets of the country's economic and political climate. The information is gathered from many sources, including the World Bank, and various publications and think tanks. There's enough information here to give you a good foundation for success in researching hundreds of countries.


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Track News and Messages from Around the World

Here's a fun way to stay up on world news. Track This Now ( has a map that allows you to search for news stories in various countries. All you do is type in a keyword, then click on a country on the map, and you'll see a list of links to stories about your keyword in that country's news media. There are other search parameters also: you can search for articles in cities within a country, or specify the top 50 or top 100 countries, or even all 250 countries on the map. This is a great way to see how certain stories are being covered in news media around the world.


Search Engine for Social Networks

Millions of people communicate with each other every day in online social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace (to name just three), and companies are starting to realize that they'd better get in on the conversations. WhosTalkin? ( is a search engine for social networks, and it can help you find out what people are saying about topics that are of interest to your company. All you do is type in a keyword, and you'll get a list of links to any recent comments involving that keyword in blogs, networks, forums, news media, etc. This is useful not only as a Public Relations strategy (you want to be aware of any negative comments out there so you can counteract them), but also as a way of researching new ideas, products, and markets. The Internet is so all-encompassing these days that a search engine like this can help you keep up with what your customers and competitors are thinking.


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