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Dear International Traders,

For 9 years this newsletter has been bringing you descriptions of useful websites for international trade.

We are now expanding our activities and from now on will offer not only useful websites, but also 3 new services:

Useful service providers to help you sort out your overseas operations, taken from: , our new, soon-to-be-released "Knowledge Resource" and database of qualified service providers for international trade.
Jobs from FITA's Career Headquarters
• Events offered by our partner the U.S. Commercial Service and other related agencies.

This week in Really Useful Sites we will:
• Learn about doing business in Morocco
• Get up-to-the-minute news about trade and finance events and issues worldwide on the website of Trade Finance Magazine
• Find economic data about all EU countries on Eurostat
• Be informed about worldwide Trade Barriers
Get extra help from Global Sources to import successfully from China and India

Also in this issue:
Featured service providers this week:
1. Zepol Corporation
2. Global Trade Solutions LLC
3. Castpoint

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• Trade Promotion Manager

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Our Featured Country

Morocco is located in the northwest corner of Africa, separated from the European Union by the narrow Strait of Gibraltar.

The agricultural sector employs more than 45% of the population but represents only 14% of GDP. Industry contributes to around one-third of the GDP, especially textiles, leather goods, food processing, oil refining and electronic assembly. Services, tourism in particular, are the main sources of revenue (60% of GDP).

Morocco is wide open to trade. Major exports are clothing and textiles, electric components, inorganic chemicals, transistors, crude minerals, fertilizers (including phosphates), petroleum products, citrus fruits, wine, vegetables and fish. Main imports are crude petroleum, textile fabric, telecommunications equipment, wheat, gas and electricity, transistors and plastics. Small local brands dominate the retail sector. The distribution network has been predominantly small family-run businesses. But recently general and specialized mass distribution systems have developed and appear to be growing.

The government promotes foreign investment with various instrument such as tax exemptions, free transfer of capital, protection, non-discrimination, etc. For information about investing in Morocco, visit the Morocco pages of the ANIMA Investment Network. You will also find plenty of news and advice that will help you develop investment strategies.

Official Moroccan websites online are mainly in French: Ministry of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Industry. For information in English about the country, visit the websites of the American Chamber of Commerce in Morocco and the Moroccan American Circle.

Morocco has a full Free Trade Agreement with the U.S. Take a look at a website just about the agreement called "United States-Morocco Free Trade Agreement". It has links to information about what products are covered, tariffs to be paid, etc. And also take a look at the official U.S. government pages about the agreement.

Also don't forget the website of the U.S. Commercial Service in Morocco. The site gives extensive information about the market with news and business guides, and the Commercial Service programs conferences, trade missions and training. If that's not enough, you'll also find plenty of good research at the FITA Mini Portal of Morocco, a feature of the FITA Web site. The FITA Mini Portal has an overview of the country, with facts about the language, currency, climate, etc., plus more specific information about the economy, markets, taxes, labor market indicators, and tips on doing business in Morocco.

The Morocco Mini Portal is one of many research gateways at the FITA site. To find Mini Portals for other countries, just click on "Country Profiles" from within a Mini Portal, or at the FITA home page.

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Business Intelligence and Financial News

Exporters, importers, financiers, insurers, and other service providers can turn news, knowledge and insight to their advantage. Trade Finance Magazine provides essential information about global trade, export and commodity finance markets. Their website gives you free access to the latest news about trade and trade finance for various sectors (Supply Chain, Factoring, Finance, Infrastructure, etc.) and for many countries. If you buy a subscription to the magazine you can search back through the archives and be kept up to date with the latest industry news.

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Finding suppliers from Asia is easy. But finding suppliers who really know what quality is and deliver it consistently is a much tougher job. When buyers want information on pre-screened, quality-conscious manufacturers, they turn to Global Sources. Their unique system of verified suppliers lets you shortlist reliable, export-ready suppliers easily in:

  1. Auto Parts & Accessories
2. Baby & Children's Products
3. Computer Products
4. Electronics
5. Electronic Components
6. Fashion Accessories
7. Garments & Textiles
8. Gifts & Premiums
9. Hardware & DIY Products
10. Home Products
11. Security Products
12. Sports & Leisure Products
13. Telecom Products
14. Machinery & Industrial Supplies

Global Sources Online boasts over 4.5 million products across thousands of product categories. And you'll source more confidently also, since every verified supplier on the site has been visited at least 3 times to ensure it's a real company, with real products and real offices.

If you're looking to tap the growing India export market, you'll want to take a look at our new India Sources Online site too. It's where you'll find innovative suppliers from all over India who are ready to partner with you.

Go to Global Sources Online to learn more about their extensive products and services - including how to contact suppliers across Asia directly.

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Economic Data from the European Union

You need a tool that allows you to quickly compare economic data of countries of the European Union. Look no further! Eurostat, the Statistical Office Zone, provided by the European Commission, offers this kind of resource. Click here select the desired indicators, the countries of your choice and compare in a glance.

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Find Barriers to Exporting Your Products

A very useful section of Canada's International Market Access Report (CIMAR) is the Trade Barriers search engine. Here you can type in any product, select a country or region and find a Canadian government report about individual trade barriers you might encounter for that product in that market.

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Service Providers who will be Listed in the Directory of International Trade Service Providers

Zepol Corporation - Online trade databases developed entirely from U.S. government sources
Global Trade Solutions LLC - U.S. based customs and international trade advisory company
Castpoint - Norway based export management company

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Export Trade Promotion Manager

In the FITA Career Headquarters job seekers can now apply for jobs online and post their resume -- free of charge -- in an exclusive database that will be searched by hundreds of industry employers seeking employees with international degrees and/or related work experience. Featured this week is a listing for a Manager for Virginia Leaders in Export Trade (VALET). Click here to browse more than 700 other positions!

Employers - Click here to advertise your job openings on FITA's Career HQ.

Let the jobs come to you! Employers are looking for people with international skills. Post your resume TODAY and reap the rewards of the FITA Career HQ! And with a FITA Career HQ job agent, you can decide what kind of job you are looking for and let the system do the searching for you. Simply set up specific search parameters in a Job Agent, and whenever a job is posted that matches your criteria, you'll be notified automatically via email. It's that easy!

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U.S. Commercial Service Events and Webinars
Resources for Going Global

The U.S. Commercial Service, a division of the International Trade Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce, sponsors and participates in many events and webinars that help U.S. exporters sell overseas and help overseas buyers learn about U.S. exports. The Commercial Service has a searchable database of these events worldwide at Below are some upcoming events:

International Travel & Tourism: 2009 Year in Review, Webinar, June 29.
The Future of the U.S.-India Commercial Relationship, June 30, Washington, DC.
U.S.-Georgia Business Summit Trade Mission, September 8-9, 2010.
Executive-Led Trade Mission to Colombia and Panama, September 20-24.
Executive-Led Green ICT and Energy Efficiency Trade Mission, September 27-29, Mexico City, Mexico.
Executive-Led Trade Mission to Baghdad, Iraq, October 2010.

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U.S. District Export Council
Regional Public/Private Partnership for Export Promotion

The District Export Councils contribute leadership and international trade expertise to complement the U.S. Commercial Service's export promotion efforts through counseling businesses on the exporting process and conducting trade education and community outreach.

The 2010 International District Export Council (DEC) Conference,"Capitalizing on America's Export Advantages: Green & Innovation", October 24-27 at the Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center. Expected to be the premier international trade event in North America this year, the Conference is expected to draw approximately 500 attendees from government and business to network, listen to high level speakers from government and business, and share ideas related to increasing U.S. exports. The program will also include a private briefing in Windsor, Canada by the Canada Border Services Agency as well as visits to the Ford Rouge Factory and the Henry Ford Museum.

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