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  Thursday, July 8, 2011         Issue 267         Volume 11 Number 14 Sponsor this Newsletter
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Dear International Traders,

This week in Really Useful Resources you will:

• Learn about the latest technologies and deals made at the Paris Air Show
• Get information about franchising throughout the world
• Find out about the new European Union Customs regulations

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The International Paris Air Show
Battles for the Air

The International Aeronautics and Space (SIAE) Exhibitions (Paris Air Show), which brought together more than 2,000 international exhibitors and 138,000 visitors, was held at Le Bourget airport in Paris June 20 to 26, 2011. Every two years this event brings together the key worldwide players in civil and military aviation. This year, 140 military delegates and 275 exhibitors from the U.S. made the trip, making the U.S. the largest national presence at Le Bourget.

Aeronautics and aerospace are key industries of France. They generate an average annual turnover of around 35 billion euros ($49 billion). The company Airbus, a subsidiary of EADS, which was formed from the merger of major aerospace companies of France, Great Britain, Germany and Spain, fills more than half of global annual orders for commercial aircraft. The aerospace industry is the largest export sector in France. According to the Group of French aerospace industries since 2006, the entire sector has hired more than 38,000 new employees.

Given Airbus’s success, the U.S. giant Boeing is working to strengthen its market position in Europe. It is seeking in particular to increase its share of military contracts in the Old World. Since the beginning of the year, the company has opened six new offices in major European capitals, including Paris. At the Paris Air Show, Boeing introduced the new stretch version of 747 double-deckers, the 747-8 "Intercontinental" and the 787 "Dreamliner", composed of 50% composite materials. Airbus, meanwhile, presented to the public its latest A320 Neo, which reduces fuel consumption by around 15% from current aircraft. Among other innovations presented at the show was the Gulfstream G450, the result of the alliance between the French group Safran and U.S. outfitter Honeywell, which runs on biofuel.

At Le Bourget, Airbus and Boeing took between them nearly 900 orders. The largest order for Airbus came from low-cost airline Air Asia, which ordered 200 A320 Neos. But orders also came from the United States: Republic Airways Holdings, the parent company of U.S. Frontier Airlines, signed a memorandum of understanding with Airbus for the purchase of 40 A320s and 40 A319 Neos. The aircraft lessor CIT Aerospace and Jet Blue signed memoranda of understanding to buy 90 A320 Neos at a value of over $8 billion. Finally, American Airlines, started negotiations with Airbus for the purchase of at least 250 aircraft to replace one third of its fleet. For its part Boeing also took some major orders: 15 medium-haul Boeing 737-800 were sold to low-cost airline Norwegian for $ 1.2 billion, the Russian airline Aeroflot confirmed eight options for long-haul 777-300ER, for $2.2 billion. And Malaysian Airlines exercised an option for 10 737-800.

To learn more about the French and European aeronautics and aerospace industries:
The European Aerospace industry portal (in French)
European Commission Aerospace Industries portal
An Overview of Aerospace Valley of France from the California Space Authority
France Boeing (in French)

To help you do business in France:
The site of the U.S. Embassy in France
• The U.S. Commercial Service: "Doing Business in the European Union: 2011 Country Commercial Guide for U.S. Companies"
American Chamber of Commerce in France International Trade Channel for Aerospace International Trade Channel for France

For information on other countries of the world:
FITA’s mini portals of 90 countries


International Franchising
Franchise business resources

Are you looking for franchise opportunities? Take a look at Franchise Direct! Its website network consists of eight multilingual sites targeting North America and Europe. The website’s directory is a comprehensive list of business opportunities and franchises for sale in the U.S., Canada and Europe. It will guide you to the ideal franchise partner. And the Franchise Blog offers a wealth of free background information about many aspects of franchising.

And also take a look at the website of the International Franchise Association, the largest organization for franchisors and franchisees worldwide. It also offers a directory of franchise opportunities and information about franchising. And check out the IFA/s Franchise Country profiles, which outline franchise laws and opportunities in 60 countries.

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Import Control system
European Import Regulations
Import Control System

Starting July 2011 security data have to be sent to any European Union entry port before the arrival of the goods on the EU customs territory.

Following WTO recommendations, the European Union has strengthened the import procedures originally established in July 2009 by adding the obligation to declare security and safety data. Managed by an electronic security declaration management system called ICS (Import Control System), the Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) is now compulsory for the importation of goods into the European Union customs area. After a transition period, this EU regulation came into full force at the end of 2010. The grace period ended on July 1st. Starting now carriers must comply with the new customs regulation. If they do not fines or sanctions could be imposed by EU Customs, which could delay delivery of the goods. This regulation makes it mandatory to transmit safety and security data concerning goods to be brought into the European Union customs territory, enabling EU Member State customs authorities to protect EU security and carry out risk analyses.

For all issues concerning the Entry Summary Declaration (ENS), visit the FAQ of the European Union website for Taxation and Customs Union.

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