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  Thursday, September 15 , 2011         Issue 270         Volume 11 Number 17 Sponsor this Newsletter
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Dear International Traders,

This week in Really Useful Resources you will:

• Learn about a new free trade agreement in negotiation between Pacific Rim countries
• Find out where to find up-to-date U.S. trade statistics
• Get the latest news and information from the United Nations

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Trans-Pacific Partnership
Free Trade Agreement for the Pacific Rim

The eighth round of negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) - a regional free trade agreement between the United States and eight other countries in the Asia-Pacific: Australia, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam - was held in Chicago in early September.

Trans Pacific Partnership
Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement
At this meeting, the United States called for expansion of the process and specifically proposed the elimination of tariffs on pharmaceuticals while protecting pharmaceutical manufacturers' intellectual property. This proposal could allow American drug producers to enter these new markets (Australia, Brunei, Chile, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam) and to improve their market position in the countries that already have exemptions from customs duties on drugs (Brunei, Malaysia and New Zealand). It also paves the way for generic producers to market their products legally when large manufacturers' patents expire.

Eventually it is hoped that the PTT will create a more favorable environment for business in the Pacific region through improved market access, lower compliance and regulatory costs and more transparency. For this reason, many organizations and professional associations are closely monitoring the ongoing negotiations.

Among the members of the PPT, some are already important trading partners of the United States: Singapore is the 10th largest market for U.S. products, with 2.3% market share, Australia is the 14th largest market for U.S. products, with 1.7% market share and Malaysia is the 15th largest market for U.S. products, with 1.4% market share in 2010.

To learn more on TPP:
Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) on US Government's Website
Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) on Australian Government's Website
The Trans Pacific Partnership Digest from the University of Auckland, New Zealand

To assist you in doing business in TPP countries:
The New Zealand United States Council
The Business Council of Australia
The Commercial Section in the Embassy in Brunei US
The American Chamber of Commerce in Chile
American Malaysian Chamber of Commerce
Doing Business in Peru is
The American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore
US-Vietnam Trade Council

For information on the nine member countries of the TPP:
• The mini portals of FITA of 185 countries
• The mini portals of Globaltrade

TradeStats Express
Latest Annual and quarterly trade data

If you want to find out about U.S. trade with the world or with individual countries take a look at International Trade Administration's (ITA) Trade Stats Express. With a few clicks you can look up all kinds of trade data and customize it according to your needs. You can create reports for U.S. merchandise exports, imports and trade balances globally, by trade region or by country.
You can break down these reports by product sector. And Trade Stats Express also allows you to see the same kinds of reports broken down by U.S. state. Data for the first half 2011 data is now available as well as revised 2010 data and data for each year since 1989.

If you are look for still more U.S. trade statistics take a look at the ITA's list of the Top U.S. Trade Partners in 2010.

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UN News Centre
World as a glance
UN News Centre

The UN News Centre is the United Nations' official online information platform. Run by the UN News Service, it provides up-to-the minute news from the U.N. worldwide. There are reports on security, economic development, environment, law, human rights, peacekeeping and most other areas of interest for the organization. You can also see all statements of the Secretary General and reports from meetings held at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

The UN News Centre also offers access to UN Multimedia, where you can find audio and televised news reports, feature programs and interviews with UN officials and webcasts about U.N. issues and events. This past Tuesday there was a televised special IMF report about the state of trade in the current world economy. Check it out!

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