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This week in Really Useful Resources you will:

• Learn about opportunities in Russia
• See the latest corruption rankings on the Corruption Perceptions Index
• Get tips for running a global small business from Borderbuster

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U.S. Agrees to Russian WTO Membership

Recently the United States agreed in principle to Russian membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO). This followed the agreement reached between Georgia and Russia on the dispute between them regarding the breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, and the support given by Georgia to the Russian bid.

Business in Jakarta
Moscow, international business center

The accession of Russia to the WTO will allow the country to integrate into a set of international trade rules. Russia’s goal is to boost foreign trade, which now accounts for about 50% of its GDP. In 2010, Russia, the seventh largest exporter in the world, exported over 400 billion dollars worth of goods, mainly to the European Union, Ukraine, Turkey, China and Belarus. The United States is the sixth largest exporter to Russia, accounting for 4.5% of total imports of the country, and its ninth customer, accounting for 3.2% of Russian exports. The main Russian exports are oil, chemicals (including fertilizer), radioactive materials, iron/steel, precious stones, nickel, aluminum, fish and crustaceans, alcoholic beverages and base metals.

For US exporters to enjoy the benefits of Russia’s accession to the WTO, the United States will have to repeal the Jackson-Vanik amendment, a 1974 law that limits trade between the U.S. and Russia. For its part, Russia will engage in a process of gradual reduction of tariffs it applies on manufactured goods and agricultural products from abroad.

On February 7, 2012, Exporta will sponsor the Fifth Annual Russia & Eurasia Trade & Export Finance Conference in Moscow. This promises to be the definitive conference about international trade and trade finance in Russia.

For more information on trade relations between the United States and Russia
• The Coalition for US-Russia Trade
• 2011: US trade in goods with Russia on the Census Bureau's Website
• US-Russia Trade Facts on the Office of the United States Trade Representative's Website

To assist you in your business in Russia:
The Russian-American Chamber of Commerce
The US Commercial Service in Russia
The Embassy of the United States in Moscow
The Russian National Association: business-angels
Deloitte's Guide to Doing Business in Russia 2011

Professional Trade Event in Russia:
Interpolitex 2012 - Moscow, Russia 10/29/2012 - 11/1/2012

For information about other countries:
• Find reports and resources for 185 countries, FITA Country Miniportals
• The mini portals of


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According to a recent survey, only 62% of exporters have a full Export Compliance Program (ECP) in place. This means quite a few companies, both large and small, are vulnerable to risks in their supply chain.

Such risks could result in committing infractions, which can lead to steep fines and penalties. Is this a risk your company is willing to take?

Amber Road’s latest white paper, Building an Export Compliance Program, explores how automating the export compliance process can help your company minimize risk and streamline its supply chain, all while keeping operational costs down. Learn about the key components of an Export Management Program:

• Showing management support
• Company profile and risk assessment
• Cross organization accountability
• Automated compliance process control
• Communication and training
• Audit and continuous assessment

Learn how to build an Export Compliance Program - download our white paper today!

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Corruption Perceptions Index
Tracking International Corruption

Based in Berlin, Transparency International is a non-profit and non-partisan organization that monitors political corruption worldwide. Each year they produce the Corruption Perceptions Index a ranking of 183 countries in order of perceived corruption as determined by annual surveys done by “independent and reputable institutions worldwide.” According to their website, "These surveys and assessments include questions related to the bribery of public officials, kickbacks in public procurement, embezzlement of public funds, and the effectiveness of public sector anti-corruption efforts. Perceptions are used because corruption is to a great extent a hidden activity that is difficult to measure. Over time, perceptions have proved to be a reliable estimate of corruption.”

In 2011 the country rated the least corrupt was New Zealand, followed closely by Denmark (last year’s #1) and Finland. The countries listed as most corrupt this year were Afghanistan, Myanmar, North Korea and Somalia. The US ranked 24 (just above France), down from 22 in 2010.

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Tips for Small Businesses Going Global

"Borderbuster" is a monthly newsletter produced by author, speaker and educator Laurel Delaney, a consultant with more than twenty-five years of experience in international trade. Every month the newsletter provides useful resources about the basics of running a global small business. Among topics for this month are tips about business culture in Russia and an article titled “Technology Helps Business Go Global.” Laurel offers still more vital information on her blog, The Global Small Business Blog and as the “Import & Export Guide” on

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Are you searching for qualified and experienced agents, distributors and service providers to help you with your overseas operations? Here we list a few of the latest listed profiles from the Directory of International Trade Service Providers on

Trans Atlantic Traders an expert in Buying Agent in India
Resources Worldwide, LLC an expert in Trading Companies, Export Management in the United States
Trade & Investment Center BV an expert in Business Development in the Netherlands

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