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My name is John McDonnell, and for years I've been writing about useful Web sites for businesspeople, in various publications. Now I've focused on international trade, using my Web research skills to find sites that are useful for international businesspeople, and some sites that are just plain fun for anyone.

Here they are:



My first job out of college was in the Advertising department of a magazine, and I remember the first thing we did with a new customer was to get a Dun & Bradstreet report on them. D&B has always been a useful source of information about businesses, and now it's easier than ever to access that information. At D&B Small Business Solutions at http://smallbusiness.dnb.com you can not only get information about a company (name, address, Web address, names of principals, etc.), you can locate its competitors, compile a list of similar companies that are nearby, track changes to its status, and much more. You can also set up folders to track your own sales prospects, your competitors, your company, and other variables.

While the D&B site has information on U.S. companies If you're trying to research an international company, one of the best places to look is Corporate Information at http://www.corporateinformation.com/. Here you'll find information about 350,000 companies the world over. You can search by company name, stock ticker symbol, industry, or location. When you select a country, for example, you go to a page of links to information about the companies based in that country. I selected Argentina, and got a page with a list of the top ten companies by market capitalization, plus links to information about Argentina's economy, stock market, currency, legal system, news, industries, and much more.




Years ago I met a businessman who told me, "If I were a young man like you, I'd head straight for the East. That's where the greatest opportunities are for anyone who's ambitious." I never went to Asia, but I still think of it as a place of opportunity, even with all the changes it's gone through in recent years. If you're interested in that part of the world, a very useful gateway to it is the University of Virginia East Asia links page at www.Virginia.EDU/~eastasia/easia13.html. You simply click on a country (Brunei to Vietnam) and you'll find a wealth of information about the cultures, economies, governments, people, and other aspects of this vibrant region of the world.

There are lots more links to these countries at the FITA site. Go to FITA's International Trade Web Resources at www.fita.org/webindex, click on Regional Resources and Multi-Lateral Trading Areas in the left column or "Search by Country or Region" in the right column, and then scroll down to Asia. Or simply type "Asia" in the search box at www.fita.org.




I'm a sucker for new search engines, and I just found a nifty one called Daypop at www.daypop.com. It's a current news search engine, which means it will find the latest news for you on whatever keyword you enter. Daypop searches not only traditional news media, but also "Weblogs", which are Web sites where people post news items, diaries, journals, and lots of other stuff -- so you can see what everyone on the Web is saying about whatever topic you choose.




The next time I want to find a new recipe for potatoes, I'll go to PotatoHelp.com at http://www.potatohelp.com/. Yes, there really is a site with that name, and I found it at 101 Recipe Links at www.sharewareplace.com/101/101cook.shtml. 101 Recipe Links is just what the name says, a no-frills site with 101 links to places where you can find recipes on the Web. Just scroll down the page at this site and you'll find links to every kind of recipe you can think of (and some you probably wouldn't think of in a million years).



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