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Monday, April 2, 2001
Issue 4

Here's your latest issue of Really Useful Sites for the International Trade Professional. This free bi-weekly newsletter reviews useful Web sites from the Web Resources database at FITA's International Trade/ Import-Export Portal at, an excellent source for trade leads, news, events, and a link library of 7,000+ sites related to international trade.

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My name is John McDonnell, and for years I wrote a weekly e- newsletter that profiled business-oriented Web sites. Now I'm using my Web research skills to find sites that are useful for international trade, as well as some fun sites that you'll enjoy visiting.


Want to know the prospects for selling computers and peripherals to customers in Argentina? Or how about selling automotive parts and supplies to Mexico? You can find answers to both those questions and many more at Country Commercial Guides (, at the U.S. Commercial Service site. These guides are prepared by U.S. Embassy staffs once a year, and they have a wealth of information on the business, economic, and political situation in various countries. They give you a good snapshot of conditions in countries from Albania to Zimbabwe, and you'll be amazed at how detailed they are.


If I had plans to be in Japan on business on May 5, it would be important to know if it's a holiday there. As it turns out, May 5 is a national holiday in Japan, called Children's Day. I found that out by going to the Encyclopedia of Days (, a site that has a searchable database of world holidays and festivals. You just type in the name of a holiday, and in seconds this site will show you when and where it's celebrated this year. You can also type in the name of a country and get a listing of all the holidays and the dates they're observed in that country. Click on "Search" and you'll find a page where you can search for all the world holidays in any month.

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I could have saved a bundle on my last flight if I'd gone to Big Airfare Cuts Index (, a site that lists fares that have been recently cut for airlines departing hundreds of U.S. cities. These are fares that have fallen more than 20 percent in the last 24 hours, so you could save a lot if you reserve a ticket right away. If you see something you like, just click on "Reservations", and you can buy your ticket on the spot.
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