Hello, John McDonnell here, with your latest issue of Really Useful Sites for International Trade Professionals. In this issue I have a site that will open the door to trade with Ireland. In addition, I found a site that could be a life saver if you have a medical emergency while traveling. From Canada, I found a site that lets you create market research reports, in seconds. Finally, I have a site with links to the most complete weather information on the Web. All in all, I think you'll find the sites in this issue are worth bookmarking.

If you'd like more information about international trade, go to FITA's International Trade/ Import-Export Portal ( ) at, an excellent source for trade leads, news, events, and a link library of 7,000+ sites related to international trade.


I'm one of 70 million people worldwide who claim Irish descent, and most of our ancestors left Ireland due to the poor economy the country had for over a century. That situation has changed in the last ten years, however, as Ireland's economy has gone through a boom time. The CIA World Factbook says the Irish economy had a robust 8 percent growth from 1995-2002, and Ireland was ranked first out of 70 "emerging economies" in 2001 by the World Times Money Matters Institute. There are many opportunities for international trade in Ireland these days, and if you want to learn about them, go to Finfacts: Irish Finance and Business Portal ( ). Finfacts has links to Irish stock exchanges, business news, cost of living information, salary surveys, travel information -- even the Irish Lotto results! It's a great site to start your Irish trade research.

There are more useful links to Ireland at the FITA site. Go to, click on Regional Resources and Multi-Lateral Trading Areas in the left column, then scroll down to Europe and click on Ireland in the drop- down box. Or simply type "Ireland" in the search box at And FITA's Global Trade Bookstore has a selection of books that are helpful in doing business with Europe. Click here for an extensive list.



When my wife was 21 she severely damaged ligaments in her foot in a skiing accident in Switzerland. She was a student, and far away from home, so she said no when the Swiss doctors recommended surgery. She now regrets the decision, because the Swiss were renowned for that type of surgery, and it would have spared her much pain and soreness over the years. It can be difficult when you have a medical emergency in another country, but here's a Web site that will help you. Dealing With Emergencies @ ( ) has valuable information, starting with tips on what to do before you travel, and what to do when an emergency happens. You'll also find a list of contact information (phone and e-mail) for ambulances worldwide, emergency telephone numbers, embassies around the world, life-saving tips (First Aid, CPR, burns, choking, dental emergencies, etc.), contact information for medical assistance providers -- even weather forecasts.



A medical doctor from West Virginia was on vacation with his wife in Rome recently when they had an extreme medical emergency. As MedjetAssist members, they made a collect call to the 24 hour hotline and received quick assistance.

They wrote, "My wife and I wish to express our deep appreciation for your rapid and professional response to our medical emergency in Rome. We were amazed at how you took care of the most minute detail and made it possible for us to return to medical care in the States as quickly as possible. When we tell people about our experience and how expertly you handled our return to the United States they cannot believe that this could be done so expertly and efficiently."

MedjetAssist is an annual membership program for U.S-based travelers providing air medical transportation to its members should they become hospitalized due to accident or illness virtually anywhere in the world. The program transports members, free of charge, to the hospital of their choice, most often in medically equipped and staffed jets. Click on to become a MedjetAssist member now at reduced FITA rates.

MedjetAssist publishes a free brochure, "A Guide To Traveling Smart". Contact MedjetAssist directly at (800) 963-3538 to order it. Make sure to mention FITA to get the FITA discount if you enroll.



Here's a cool way to look up useful information about countries worldwide. Go to Dynamic Document Creation ( ), a page at Strategis, a Canadian government trade site, where you can select one of four different information sources (the CIA World Factbook, International Business Practices Documents, Market Research Reports, or Country Commercial Guides), then select countries and categories (economy, geography, etc.), and it will create a document for you with all the relevant information.



My kids call me a weather geek, because I'm always checking the forecast, and throwing around terms like "high pressure system", "heat index", and "wind chill". Whether you're a geek like me, or you just like to know the day's forecast, there are lots of weather resources on the Web. One of the best is the University of Michigan's UM Weather ( ). This is a portal to every type of weather information on the Web, including satellite images, forecasts, advisories, ski reports, tropical storm updates, live weather cams, weather maps, computer model forecasts, and much more. Start your weather searches here!



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