Hello, John McDonnell here, with your latest issue of Really Useful Sites for International Trade Professionals. This week I'm looking East, with profiles of Web sites about Indonesia and Asian news. And, I have a U.S. government site that has tons of trade statistics in an easily-digestible format. Finally, I found a site that will help you speak the language of international trade -- it has a dictionary of hundreds of trade terms, plus links to seriously useful resources.

If you'd like more information about international trade, go to FITA's International Trade/ Import-Export Portal ( ), an excellent source for trade leads, news, events, and a link library of 7,000 sites related to international trade.


Every industry has its unique terms, and international trade is no different. Words like "bailment", "mala fides", and "tender" have their own special meanings in the business of trade, and if you want to learn them, go to the Dictionary of International Trade Terms ( ). This dictionary, part of the International Trade Data System of the U.S. Customs Service, has hundreds of definitions of trade terms, written in layman's language. You'll get an education in international trade just by browsing the entries at this site. You'll also find downloadable harmonized tariff schedules here, as well as dozens of other useful links for trade (under Importing/Exporting Resources).



If you have business interests in the fast-changing region of Asia, you need to keep up on the latest news. ( ) is a site that features Asian news exclusively, and it's a good site to visit on a regular basis. You can click on the headlines at the home page if you see something interesting, or browse the categories (Business, Sports, Technology, Finance, etc.) for more specific stories. There are also special reports, travel tips, weather information, t.v. and radio listings, discussion forums, and more.



500,000 companies in 33 countries

EUROPAGES is a business directory listing 500,000 companies selected for their import-export dynamism in all business sectors in over 35 European countries. EUROPAGES is an ideal tool for finding new clients, suppliers and partners: it is a popular reference guide with European purchasing directors., your connection to the business world !

One single ad in EUROPAGES generates an average of 102 business contacts in one year. People like Peter from Denmark say, "EUROPAGES is our best investment for export." Click here to learn about how your company can be featured in EUROPAGES.



The U.S. government has dozens of Web sites with useful information for international trade, and now there's a new one that has trade statistics presented in colorful, easy-to- understand tables and charts. TradeStats Express ( ) has information about U.S. imports and exports that you can slice and dice in many combinations. The search parameters include: imports or exports; the U.S. as a whole or individual states; geographic regions, countries, or trading associations (e.g., NAFTA); and products (cereals, coffee, dairy products, etc.). The data shown is from 1997- 2002, so you can get a feel for trends in the various categories.



Indonesia is a study in contrasts. Although it's a country, it's actually a group of islands -- 17,000 altogether. And although 95 percent of the islands are not permanently inhabited, one of the islands, Java, is one of the most densely populated areas in the world, with more than 107 million people living in an area the size of New York State. Like all island countries, Indonesia depends heavily on trade -- in 2001 it imported US $31 billion -- so this could be fertile ground for those who are interested in new markets.

If you want to learn more about opportunities in Indonesia, go to ( ). This site has links to statistics, economic and political profiles, market reports, news, key words to help you communicate, an international trade glossary, travel tips, weather forecasts, government contacts, a list of important holidays, and much more.

The American Indonesian Chamber of Commerce is a FITA member association. They also have an excellent Web site ( with extensive information about doing business in Indonesia.

There are many more links to Indonesia at the FITA site. Go to the FITA International Trade Web Resources (, click on Regional Resources and Multi-Lateral Trading Areas in the left column, then scroll down to Asia and click on Indonesia in the drop-down box. Or simply type "Indonesia" in the search box at


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