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FITA's International Trade / Import-Export Portal is a leading source of market resources, trade leads and research information for people worldwide who are involved in all aspects of international trade.

As the official Web site of the FITA - The Federation of International Trade Association (FITA), the Web site also serves as a hub for a community of 450 international trade-related organizations in North America who are FITA members (http://fita.org/members.html). We estimate that more than 400,000 businesses in the US, Mexico and Canada belong to our affiliated associations.

Really Useful Sites for International Trade Professionals (http://fita.org/useful) is a bi-weekly email newsletter sent to 100,000 international trade professionals worldwide. Written by journalist John McDonnell, Really Useful Sites for International Trade Professionals contains informally written descriptions of 4-5 Web sites from FITA's International Trade Web Resources (http://fita.org/webindex) that are useful for international trade, as well as some fun sites that enliven a business day.

Visitor and Subscriber Profile

  • International trade brokers
  • Consultants that assist exporting and importing
  • International trade finance bankers
  • Large international corporate staff and executives
  • Lawyers and accountants servicing trade businesses
  • Freight forwarders and customs brokers
  • Shipping company staff
  • Wholesale Importers
  • Exporting manufacturers
  • Multinational institutions staff (i.e. World Bank, UN, WTO, EU, etc.)
  • National government officials from many countries involved in economic development, trade promotion, economics and trade negotiations
  • Local port and municipal and state/province economic development and trade officials
  • Economists
  • Business association management
  • Students of international business
  • Job seekers in international trade

Features of the site and newsletter

Trade Leads - International Trade News Briefs - Search Engine of 7000+ International Trade and Travel Web Sites - Library of International Trade Articles - Webcasts - Global Trade Shop - English, Chinese and Spanish versions

Really Useful Sites for International Trade Professionals Newsletter (Chinese and English) - FITA Buy/Sell Exchange - Directory of US-Based Export Management Companies - Spanish/Portuguese Translation Service - International Directory of Trade Shows - Currency Conversion

Additional Services
Telecommunications Services from Sprint - Free Air Travel Opportunities - International Market Research

Behavior pattern trends (based on June 2004)

  • 60,000 Total Visitor Sessions/month
  • Total Page Views 600,000+/month
  • Average visitor spends 4 minutes at the site and looks at more than two pages
  • Forty percent of traffic from foreign countries

FITA site visitors are characterized as:

  • more likely to purchase items on the Internet than the average user
  • more likely to go online daily
  • looking for business opportunities, transport and international finance solutions

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Web site only

Web Site Sponsorship 40,000+ views/month $1000/month ($25/CPM) Clickthroughs average 0.26%

All banner ads must be 120 x 60 pixels. GIF format. Less than 15k. May be animated.

Web site and "Really Useful Sites for International Trade Professionals" Package

Newsletter Sponsorship + 8 weeks run-of-site banner    $3000/issue
180,000+ views/ for 2 months. This translates into 1.7 cents per exposure or $17/CPM

$2000 for a "standalone" marketing message to all subscribers (Sent independently of the newsletter itself)

Chinese "Really Useful Sites for International Trade Professionals"

FITA has now partnered with Sparkice, "China's leading e-sourcing company" to offer a Chinese-language version of Really Useful Sites for International Trade Professionals. Click here to view the Chinese newsletter.

FITA and Sparkice offer exclusive sponsorship opportunities for the Chinese edition. This is a unique opportunity to reach a vast market of manufacturers, exporters, importers and service providers in the most dynamic and fastest-growing economy in the world. At present there are more than 160,000 Opt-in subscribers throughout greater China

Chinese Newsletter Sponsorship opportunities are:

  • $200/issue for a classified ad for companies outside China looking for Chinese business partners or for Chinese companies looking for business partners from outside China ($1.25/CPM)
  • $400/issue for a 120x60 pixel banner ad ($2.50/CPM)
  • $600/issue for a 530x80 pixel banner ad at the top of the newsletter($3.75/CPM)
  • $1000/issue for a text ad embedded in the newsletter ($6.25/CPM)
  • $2000 for a "standalone" marketing message to all subscribers (Sent independently of the newsletter itself) ($12.50/CPM)

There is no additional cost for translation.

Package of English and Chinese "Really Useful Sites for International Trade Professionals" as well as Web site banner campaign

Contact us for details.

For more information, contact Barney Lehrer at webmaster@fita.org phone +1-703-620-1588 ext 4.